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Dog water parks and swimming pools for rent near you

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How do Sniffspot's private dog water parks and swimming pools work?

Private rentals by the hour

Our hosts are locals that are renting their yards and private land to dog owners

Trust and safety first

Spots are designed for safety and both hosts and guests are reviewed after each visit

Designed for private play

Only the people and dogs in your booking are allowed in the spot during your visit

Reactive dogs welcome

Many of the spots we list are designed with sensitive dogs in mind

Become a Sniffpass holder!

Get discounts on all bookings at all spots by buying monthly credits!
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Why rent private dog water parks and swimming pools?

FeaturesSniffspotPublic dog park
No encounters with stranger dogs
Rentable by the hour
Off leash options
Very large and/or fully fenced options
Pricing$5 - $15 per dog per hourFree

The top private dog water parks and swimming pools listed on Sniffspot

Little Creek Private Park

****Note the price is charged in USD. ( $10 CAD or $8 USD) and you will be emailed exact directions to the farm upon booking ***** Located East of Black Diamond Alberta surrounded by farmland, We are welcoming furry friends and their amazing owners to enjoy our 5 acres private dog park. This fully fenced area contains a creek and hills for you to explore. We ask that bookings are kept private with additional dogs being private play dates. *****The map doesn’t show our exact location, we are just east of Black Diamond. See access instructions that are emailed to you once booked for exact location.****** It’s really important to us to keep the area clean and well looked after. So please don’t pick any flowers or trees, leave everything the way you found it and enjoy some time with nature and your dog! If you have any waste please take it with you. Note the price is charged in USD. ( $10 CAD or $8 USD) It is a US app and we are unable to change the currency at this time. Recommendations: -we recommend hiking shoes or decent footwear -tall socks or long pants are good to have in some areas -there is no path that can accommodate a stroller so we would recommend a hiking backpack for very small children *The hose to the park to spray off the dogs is on for the summer, it’s at the top of the hill south of the benches hanging on the fence. * * We are surrounded by farmland, so there could be cows, horses, chickens near the park depending on the time of year*

Fully Fenced
5 acres
$8 dog / hour
Black Diamond, AB
Fetching Freedom at Chickadee Lane - Large Fenced Private Dog Park In Bend

UPDATES, HOURS AND CLOSURES BELOW - PLEASE READ! 1+ acre of fenced grass yard! Perfect for fetch sessions or for off leash training in a secure area. Shady area to sit and relax while throwing the ball for your canine buddy. Kiddie pool available for hot days. Fully fenced with 4ft field fencing. Plenty of outdoor furniture and dog toys to make your visit comfortable and enjoyable for both you and your dog! Please thoroughly read all of the info about about our park, including fencing, other animals and potential hazards. This spot may not be suitable for dogs that have a history of jumping fences or have a high prey drive, as there may be other animals visible on neighboring properties. If you have any questions about whether our spot is a good fit for your dog(s), do not hesitate to reach out! Fall 2023 UPDATES: *We have installed a new playground for our kids. Please be respectful of this area and do not let your dogs urinate on the structure. If you bring children, they are welcome to use it at your own risk. HOURS AND UPCOMING ANTICIPATED CLOSURES: Our typical daily hours are 9:30am-5:00pm. If you are interested in visiting outside of these hours, do not hesitate to reach out, as we may be able to make an exception. These restrictions are to allow us to prepare the yard for sniffspot guests every morning and to enjoy our yard in the evenings, but we may be able to shift the schedule if needed. UPCOMING CLOSURES: We will be closed most holidays and offering limited hours to members only during school breaks, as our kids are at home during this time and it is harder to manage our sniffspot. The following are anticipated closures/limited hours: CLOSED: Wed 11/22 Thurs 11/23 Fri 11/24 Mon 12/25 LIMITED HOURS (members only): Mon 12/18 - Tues 1/2 We will reopen for general public on Wed 1/3. Thank you for understanding!

Fully Fenced
1 acre
$18 dog / hour
Bend, OR
Sugar Bush Acres Off-Leash Trails

Please note that prices are in US$. Base rate of $10 is for 2 adults and 1 puppy. Additional adults and puppies are $5. Hello and welcome to our piece of paradise! Our property (45 acres) offers numerous walking trails and open spaces to romp and play. Your dog will enjoy an off-leash experience and a great opportunity to explore and be dogs! So many new smells they will be exhausted before you know it. Open field for you to play fetch or train. 100% totally private. No other dogs or humans during your time slot. We have approx 2.5 km of nature trails that weave their way through our 45 acre property. In summer and fall the trails are cleared and packed, but are hiking trails and appropriate footwear is recommended. In winter, trails are groomed and most of them are suitable for skijoring. There is a river that runs through the property and during the summer this is a great place for your pet to take a dip and cool off. A section along the River Trail has been cleared for entrance into the water and bench for you to sit on. There's also a one acre field at the top of the property for training or playing catch, east of the north limit. Various wildlife has been spotted on the property which provides excellent sniff opportunities for your pet. Located in Northern Ontario, expect mosquitos in spring, summer, and fall - dress accordingly and wear repellant if you so choose. If you have excellent recall your puppies can go off-leash. We ask that you wait until you are on the trails to release them. A recommend route is on the map and starts with heading north on the Orchard Trail, west on the North Limit, south on the Back 40, which then takes you down into the sugar bush. Continuing on Maple's Way there are several trails that branch off of it. Taking Mia's Loop will takes you east towards the road and loop back to the Sugar Bush Trail where you can cross over and head west to Chloe's loop or down to the river. Signs are posted at the beginning and end of each trail to help you navigate. Enjoy this time how you see fit and take nature in the best way possible. Please park to the right hand side of the barn. A map of the trails has been included in the pictures feel free to download or print. Copies are also available in the mail box by solar panels. Happy to get your feedback on the trails and your experience.

45 acres
$10 dog / hour
Greater Sudbury, ON
Canter Woods Farm FULLY FENCED in Vero Beach

Got a big, energetic dog who needs a lot of space to run? You’ve found it! If your dog is happiest in the water, we are here for you! We are a haven for dogs with Strong Opinions about things! 🤗 Doesn’t love people? Come on over! Hates other pets? That’s cool! Lives to chase squirrels and moles? We’re overrun, you do you! We are blessed with 19 gorgeous acres of ♿️ HANDICAPPED ACCESSIBLE pasture, ancient live oak hammocks, and trails surrounding 3 ponds and a creek leading to a cypress swamp. It’s Old Florida at its very BEST. Canter Woods is on the corner of two dead-end dirt roads with barely any traffic. We are now FULLY FENCED so your dog can safely work out every ounce of excess energy! Seating and picnic tables are provided throughout the property, and there is plenty of natural shade. We have a private road that runs all around the inside of the fence, so if your dog likes to run alongside you while you pedal, go ahead and bring your bicycle! The road/trail is almost completely shaded, so even on the hottest of days, it’s quite pleasant. One of our trails, which fully accommodates any vehicle, leads directly to our main seating area adjacent to not one but two ponds. Guests who use a wheelchair, crutches, or a walker can make it from their vehicle to a sturdy chair or lounger in just 6-8 feet ♿️ If you would like access to this parking spot, simply arrange with us. Our shallow swimming ponds are fed nonstop by a deep artesian well. We also have plenty of wildlife—depending on how rambunctious your dog might be, you may see otters, soft shelled turtles, tortoises, wood ducks, raccoons, armadillos, rabbits, and squirrels. We also have a plentiful supply of water birds—herons, egrets, and more. We are a Certified Wildlife Habitat™️! 🍃🌱🌿🪵🐇 We have horses on the premises in paddocks, and they’re tolerant of dogs and their mischief and love ♥️ our SniffSpot dog guests. Hopefully your dog is tolerant of these large mysterious creatures and doesn’t harass them! If you think your dog might be aggressive with the horses and get over or under their sturdy 4-foot paddock fence, please use a leash when in proximity of the barn and paddock! Do note that our horses are ridden and worked often, so there’s always the possibility that you will encounter “evidence” of a horse having passed there before you 😉 As we say around here, that’s farm life for ya! If that kind of thing bothers you, this probably isn’t the right spot for you. We are not manicured lawn—we are a farm and woods and a certified wildlife habitat. Note that we do have some predator animals such as hawks, owls, and the occasional bobcat, so this area is best suited for dogs over about 15 pounds. We keep our 4-lb chihuahua mostly inside, since we moved here. Parking is near the main entrance gate, close to the barn, and you are invited to start off your visit on the trails, following Bambi’s Run at the main entrance. Poop bags, maps, and a trash can are located on a pine tree at the parking area and near the horse paddock. ✨ PLEASE NOTE: We are specifically requesting that you do NOT come to our farm to “check us out” WITHOUT AN APPOINTMENT. Please respect that Canter Woods is also our home, and we are closed to anyone who doesn’t have an appointment. For our security and the safety of our guests and their dogs, we have surveillance cameras in use at all our entrances. MEMBERS-ONLY HOURS: We reserve before-work 7:30-10:30 am, Saturday mornings until noon, and all day on Sundays for dog lovers who have chosen to be members. Members also get a lower rate that’s never subject to a price increase + free use of our wash rack and dog shampoo! (a big bonus for the big dogs in our lives!) WE ARE CLOSED ON TUESDAYS AND WEDNESDAYS 🦋

Fully Fenced
19 acres
$20 dog / hour
Vero Beach, FL

What people are saying about Sniffspot dog water parks and swimming pools

Jennie M.
November 2023
Amazing as always!
Frances E.
November 2023
Super easy to access with tons of space and great toys to play with!
Pam S.
December 2023
This is the second time bringing our pup here. Molly just loves this place. And so does our 10 y/o daughter. 🤩
Ann L.
December 2023
Great amazing space! Took the pack over the holiday and they had a blast! Was a bit overwhelming for me though! We took our dogs and their bro and sis. I didn't realize how big the space was and it was a challenge to keep an eye on 5 dogs! Thanks for a great experience, the goats and chickens where a great addition.
Gabriela C.
December 2023
My absolute favorite Sniffspot, the hosts are very nice people, the backyard is completely dog proof, with lots of shade, clean grass, and open space for runs
Jola T.
December 2023
Leomar’s yard is very big. Marvel had a great time again. A lot of running and sniffing. Came back home exhausted. I had some exercise too, walking up and down the hill.😄
Krys and S.
November 2023
Always a great time at our favorite place. Of course I had to take him on his birthday🥳
Alec G.
December 2023
Another great visit! Would definitely recommend to others.

Frequently asked questions about Sniffspot dog water parks and swimming pools listings

Are dog water parks and swimming pools safe?

Public dog water parks and swimming pools are often crowded and can prevent dogs from interacting naturally. Thankfully, this isn't a concern with Sniffspot's private dog park rentals! Having your own space for recreational swimming is much safer than visiting public dog parks — you won't have to share with other park patrons. With Sniffspot all bookings are private for just you and dogs you bring with you, and we require all dogs to be vaccinated (or have equivalent titers). All Sniffspot locations are vetted and reviewed by guests so you can find the perfect place for you and your dog. For our indoor and outdoor water parks, this means hosts are rated on things like communication, clean water, and other amenities. 93% of reviews on Sniffspot visits are 5 stars.

If you're worried about your dog around the water itself, you can keep safety your top priority when visiting a water park with your furry friend by: Knowing water safety guidelines, always supervising dogs during water activities, learning canine CPR, making sure you know the signs of heatstroke or overexertion, investing in a doggie life jacket, and considering private swimming lessons or individual swim sessions at a canine swimming facility first if you're worried about how your pup will handle their swim time in a dedicated water park area or heated pool. You can learn more about canine swimming safety here!

What are the benefits of visiting a water park or swimming pool with my dog?

The hot summer months are no joke in many parts of the United States. Some traditional dog parks — especially those with asphalt or gravel surfaces — can become sweltering at midday, making it unsafe for your dog to run around without hurting their paws or even being at risk of heatstroke. Canine water parks don't have this problem since your pup can be in and out of the cool water for a refreshing swim as they please! That makes for a fun-filled day, even more so if there are extra doggy water elements to enjoy like floating toys, slides, and docks.

Plus most dog water parks, whether outdoor pools or indoor water facilities, are enclosed to keep your furry friend from running off. Fenced off-leash dog parks parks provide your pet with an opportunity to stretch their legs without causing you any worry that they'll escape or get in harm's way.

Do all dogs know how to swim?

Believe it or not, not every dog is born knowing exactly how to swim. Many first-time swimmers have to be taught how to stay calm when their feet leave the ground and to paddle rhythmically — and it is possible for dogs to get hurt, even just during casual recreational swimming, if they aren't well prepared.

Doggy life jackets can be a potential solution to this, giving nervous dogs more confidence and pet parents peace of mind. So can lots of breaks during swim time to let your pup rest. Take water activities slowly as your furry friend builds confidence in their swimming abilities. After a couple of swims, most pets get the hang of things quickly!

How can I find amazing dog water parks and indoor pools near me?

You can browse all of our dog water parks above, at the top of this page. Sniffspot has options for first-time swimmers and experienced water fanatics!

How do I know if a dog water park works for my dog?

Looking for specific amenities? Start by applying basic filters to sort Sniffspots by fencing and distractions to find a listing that works for your dog. If your furry friend doesn't have a good recall, you can visit one of our fully fenced dog water parks. If your dog is reactive to other dogs, you can visit one of our designated water parks where there are no dogs audible or visible nearby. You can also check for features like provided water toys, drinking fountains, self-wash or bathing stations, dock diving supplies, and more to create the most enjoyable water experience possible.

Want to search by location? Browse on our map by Sniffspot location to find a fun park near your city to make travel convenient.

We recommend reading reviews and reaching out to the host ahead of time with any questions! You can get all the details you need to know, like if the Sniffspot private rental has a heated swimming pool, how many feet deep the water is, what the available swim hours are, and any other dog park policy information.

What are the requirements to bring my dog to a Sniffspot water park?

We require that all dogs have basic vaccinations or equivalent titers before recreational swimming. It's always a good idea to keep your pet's vaccination records up to date. We do not permit private dog park use by pregnant dogs or pets with a bite history — and we require that pet parent guests sign our waiver and agree to follow our safety rules before bringing their furry friend to a Sniffspot dog park, such as staying within the designated off-leash area. Additionally, we recommend following our water safety guidelines during any private swims with your pup.

Each park location also has their own set of rules that guests need to follow, such as limiting excessive barking and otherwise ensuring respectful canine behavior.

Will there be other dogs at the Sniffspot water park at the same time as me?

No, there will not be any other park patrons. Your rental is private, not a public dog park! You will have your reserved Sniffspot all to yourself: a safe environment just for you and your furry friend to enjoy.

Sniffspot only allows one booking at a time. Any host dogs are required to be kept away from the spot during visits. We also enforce 30 minute time buffers between bookings to make sure you don't run into any surprises.

How much do Sniffspot dog water parks cost?

Each host sets their own price, so you can check the price on the specific Sniffspot dog park listing. Most are between $5 - $15 per dog per hour depending on amenities. Extra services, like lessons during your pup's swim sessions, can be charged separately.

Can I have an event or party at a dog water park?

If you are planning an amazing off-leash dog park party, know that each Sniffspot water park and swimming pool has their own rules regarding special events. Many water parks allow recreational swimming during doggie birthday parties, training, and other activities! Check with the host of the listing you're interested in for more information, rules, and additional fees. Event organizers need to be responsible for all their guests.

What are the coolest doggie water features available?

Sniffspot dog water parks can have a variety of features: everything from swimming pools (including salt water pools, heated pools, both outdoor pools and indoor swim options, and more) to rivers to beaches to hoses to kiddie pools and more. Some listings have extra special amenities like ball pit pools, water tunnels, water slides, splash pads, and customizable water activities!

Every water park is different, so check the details of each Sniffspot listing to find the perfect one for you and your pup. If they're a first-time swimmer, for example, you might reach out to hosts about private lessons alongside recreational swimming opportunities or look for a shallower depth pool.