Sniffspot dog park
Safety first. We provide $2M of liability insurance. Read more
Why host with Sniffspot

Easy passive income

No need to be there or supervise; your land earns the money for you

Share your land

Safely and easily enable others to enjoy your little slice of paradise

Help dogs

The modern world is not built for dogs—you can bring great joy to dogs and their owners

Build a community

The monthly membership option is a great way to reward your regular guests and earn a recurring revenue

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How hosting works
Create your spot
Go through our easy step by step process to get your listing ready for guests
Receive visits
Let awesome dogs and their owners visit. No need to meet guests, only one booking at a time
Get paid monthly
Sniffspot collects payment from guests upfront and direct deposits to you monthly
Sniffspot dog park
Fully fenced yards, agility courses, fields, arenas… anything can be a spot!
We’ve got your back!

Liability and damage protection

We provide $2M of liability insurance and $5,000 of damage protection

Vaccinations required

We require current vaccinations and flea/parasite preventative for all dogs

Guests clean up after their dogs

Guests pick up after their dogs and leave the spot as they found it

Customer support

If you ever need anything, our customer care team is here to support you

Hear from our hosts

Create your spot
Fill in some basic information
Add 10 or more photos
Set availability calendar
Start making money
Frequently asked questions
How much can I earn with Sniffspot?
We have hosts that are earning $3,000 or more per month with their unused yards or land. We provide a lot of guidance and feedback to our hosts to help you increase your earnings.
How do I get paid?
Sniffspot pays via direct deposit once per month.
Would my land be good for Sniffspot?
Almost any kind of land or yard is good for Sniffspot. The most popular spots tend to be larger. Being a fully fenced and private spot also increases your earning potential, because guests enjoy using Sniffspot for off leash exercise. Unfenced yards less than half an acre tend to not work well for Sniffspot, unless they have some special feature for people like water access.
Why would people pay for Sniffspot when there are public parks available?
Dogs have the cognitive ability of a toddler, but they can run 20 miles per hour. This makes managing dogs in public areas a full time job and public spaces are not good for dog off leash exercise. It's much more fun for dogs and their owners to have a private space, like an unused yard, where they can enjoy each other and off leash exercise without distractions.
Are there local laws about Sniffspot?
Every municipality has different land use laws, but we have never come across a law that forbids Sniffspot. As with all businesses, there may be local requirements about business licenses.
Is Sniffspot safe?
We have designed Sniffspot to be very safe. We provide $2M of liability insurance and damage protection. We require guest dogs to be vaccinated and on flea/parasite preventative. We also require guests to clean up after their dogs.
How is Sniffspot different from public dog parks?
Sniffspot is about safe spaces for dogs. Sniffspot only allows one booking at a time and is a private spot for exercise, whereas anyone can visit public dog parks at any time. Sniffspot locations have control over their calendar and can block any time, whereas public dog parks are always open. Additional differences include that Sniffspot requires all dog owners to register and certify vaccine status, Sniffspot requires guests to pay a price for the visit experience vs offering free visits, Sniffspot provides $2M of liability insurance to our hosts and a Sniffspot can be anything from open land to a backyard or front yard.
Sniffspot dog park
Are you ready to earn up to $3,000 per month by helping dogs?
Sniffspot dog park
Own a local dog business? Hosting can help you grow!
Many hosts have an existing dog business - Sniffspot can bring in more clients and increase revenue from your existing clients.
Dog trainers
Pet sitters
Dog walkers
Pet photographers
Dog bakers
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