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Why rent a private dog park in San Diego, California?
FeaturesSniffspotPublic park
Designed for private play
Rentable by the hour
Off leash options
Very large and/or fully fenced options
Pricing$5 - $15 per dog per hourFree
How do San Diego's private dog parks work?

Private rentals by the hour

Our hosts are locals that are renting their yards and private land to dog owners

Trust and safety first

Spots are designed for safety and both hosts and guests are reviewed after each visit

No other dogs during your visits

Only you and your dogs are allowed to enter a spot during the time you've booked it

Reactive dogs welcome

Many of the spots we list are designed with sensitive dogs in mind

Monthly memberships

Many of our dog parks have the option to access member-only benefits with a fixed monthly price

What people say about dog parks around San Diego, California

Shelly A.
July 2022
Daisha was a great host and has a perfect quiet yard to host dogs in. We needed our dog to have an escape from the cleaning ladies vacuum for a little bit and this was a great and inexpensive solution! Our little guy is ball obsessed so we brought his favorite balls and toys but there were toys and a ball available for use. There was even a splash pad available to us (we wish our dog wasn’t so water averse). If you have a reactive dog like ours that can’t handle the sound of dogs barking nearby then this is the perfect spot for them. We hope to use it again some time!
Jocelyn L.
July 2022
Daisha was a great host. I let her know prior that one of my pups is reactive and she was very understanding. Her back yard was a great spot for my dogs they had fun. She does have some toys, poop bags, and treats on the table as well as water for the pups. If your dog likes a lot of toys I would suggest bringing toys. Mine don’t care for toys much they just really appreciated the time to spend in Daisha’s beautiful yard! I would definitely be coming back if the Daisha is okay with us coming back.
Lisa L.
June 2022
We really enjoyed our time at this location. I’m so happy there is finally a sniffspot so much closer to our home. There’s a lot of shade which we loved! The only thing I’d bring up is that one of my dog’s is reactive and there is a gated fenced that outlooks a park. It looked like a private park for residents only which is good and no one was there so that was nice but I did have to keep an eye out to make sure no dogs showed up to that park. Other than that, everything was great! The host was very nice and helpful when needed. We will definitely be back again!!
Julie H.
June 2022
Thank you, Michael!!! Enjoyed this spot! Super accommodating, flexible, and quick communication. I super appreciated the simple space without toys. We do our outings so Stanley can sniff his surroundings in a safe, comfortable space to restore his physical and mental well-being. He destroys toys in seconds, which I always feel bad about and will stay hyper focused on them without getting the enrichment I hope for him. Thank you, Michael! It was perfect. We’ll be back!
Olivia P.
May 2022
The spot was great, though not a great fit for us. Not recommended for smaller dogs with long hair (and bad recall). My dog is about 30lb and has sort of a wiry coat, which is like Velcro. I always expect things to get stuck in it, but he went exploring in the furthest, darkest corners of the spot and came out with what looked like spiky dandelions and spiky leaves stuck everywhere. There is a lot to explore, including open space, areas with trees, human things, and a pool area. I'm a pretty anxious human with a pretty anxious dog, so I didn't feel comfortable with him being off leash around the house/pool area. Glad I took along the long line for backup! If you have a large, smooth-coated dog and you're not worried about them getting into things, this is a good spot for you!
Danielle C.
February 2022
This spot is quite the epic backyard! Super fun place to explore. Part of the yard is a large hill, the other part a flat area with basketball court that you can access by either walking down the hill or down some steps that pass through a not-in-use pool area. It has some old cars and utility trailers and other misc things scattered throughout - which my dogs had fun sniffing. The neighbors across the street do have a pup that my sensitive girl was very interested in (the pups can see each other through the gates) but the yard space was so large, she eventually lost interest and wanted to sniff instead. The yard is full of grass so something to keep in mind if you have a major grass muncher! Overall, great spot and worth a visit!
Sarah S.
April 2021
This place is awesome! It’s the perfect size yard for our dogs to run and play while also keeping them within eyesight! The pool was cool and clean. Humans and dogs both appreciated it during our visit. Love the artificial turf because we have allergies to real grass! It was amazing. Will be back again. Thank you Jordyn for having a such a beautiful home open to us who live in condos/apartments! 💕
Jessica W.
April 2021
This place is awesome! Very clean and well kept, and easy to find. I brought my dogs + a client's dog here (working in building confidence with other dogs present) and it worked out perfectly. She loved the pool! We will definitely be back. The only thing that concerned me was that the pool/maintenance guy showed up during our session, and didn't close the gate. If there are loose dogs who would bolt, or be aggressive towards a person entering unannounced, I can see that potentially being problematic for others.
Leslie R.
April 2021
We are repeat Sniffspotters to this beautiful location. Immaculate property with plenty of shade, areas to sniff and the bonus water feature to cool off! I have since added another furry family member to the pack that is vision impaired. She loves to swim and it was super nice to have the time, multiple level pool entrance and distraction free location to let her acclimate on her own to a new pool. I also love the location of this Sniffspot, in the vicinity of so many walking trails. Thank you Jordyn for sharing your lovely yard and pool with Sniffspotters!
Shannon F.
September 2020
Another great visit to this SniffSpot! It's so nice to find a towel and fresh water for my pups when we arrive. The directions for entry are super clear and the backyard space is perfect! REWCTIVE DOGS: This neighborhood is super quiet and there are no dogs that can be seen or heard in the neighboring yards. The Hosts small dogs glanced out the sliding glass door to that backyard twice but only for a few seconds. This is a great spot for my dog reactive boy and his anti-social sister. 😊
Shannon F.
September 2020
Everything about this SniffSpot is perfect! Being our first time booming, I was nervous to take my dog reactive boy into a new environment, but Jordyn was the dream host I was hoping for. Her doggies were safe and quiet inside her home when we arrived. The instructions to enter were super clear, plus there was plenty of parking! We were welcomed with water bottles, a fresh bowl of water for the dogs, a towel, and a sweet welcome note waiting for us in the backyard. We will definitely be back to this spot to give our fur babies a chance to run around and jump in the pool!
Elizabeth S.
September 2020
We had such a blast at Jordyn’s! My 11 yr old boy loves swimming but gets a bit overstimulated at the beach - this was perfect for us! We went at 1pm so it was hot out but there was plenty of shade and the pool was perfect. Jordyn left out a clean towel and bowl of fresh water too. Doc wanted to stay and play/explore all day! Thanks so much!

What other types of private dog parks are available?

FAQ about our San Diego dog parks

Are dog parks good for dogs?
It is important for dogs to have off leash exercise to sniff and run. But the free and open nature of public dog parks has drawbacks. There could be aggressive dogs, disease transmission and cleanliness issues. For this reason, many dog behaviorists discourage visiting public dog parks and recommend Sniffspot's private dog parks. Sniffspot private dog parks only allow one guest to book at a time and are not open to the public, which solves many of these issues.
Are dog parks safe?
While public dog parks have a number of safety issues, such as aggressive dogs, disease transmission and general cleanliness, Sniffspot dog parks much safer than public dog parks. With Sniffspot all bookings are private for just you and dogs you bring with you and we require all dogs to be vaccinated (or have equivalent titers). All Sniffspot locations are vetted and reviewed by guests so you can find the perfect place for you and your dog. 97% of reviews on Sniffspot visits in the San Diego area are 5 stars.
How do I know if a dog park works for my dog?
You can filter Sniffspot dog parks by fencing and distractions. If your dog doesn't have good recall, you can visit one of our 51 fully fenced dog parks in the area. If your dog is reactive to other dogs, you can visit one of our 18 off leash areas where there are no dogs audible or visible nearby. You can also filter locations to avoid other domestic animals and people. We also recommend reading reviews and reaching out to the host with any questions.
Does San Diego have any fully fenced dog parks?
Sniffspot has 51 fully fenced dog parks in or near San Diego. Browse all fully enclosed options.
Where are good dog hiking trails near San Diego?
The San Diego area has 6 Sniffspot locations with private trails for you and your dog to walk or hike. Dogs can generally be off leash on Sniffspot trails. The most popular trail is Dog Haven 0.5 Acre Fully Fenced Private Dog Park In San Diego.
Are there dog agility courses for rent in San Diego?
Sniffspot has dog parks with agility equipment and/or dog obstacles in or near San Diego. The most popular agility option is Closed due to ongoing construction. Sorry. Thank you so much your patronage..
Where in San Diego can I find a pool for dog swimming?
Sniffspot has swimming options in the San Diego area. The highest rated option is Three Penny.
Can I rent a field for my dog to run near San Diego?
There are 10 Sniffspot dog parks that offer fields in or near San Diego where dogs can be off leash. The most popular field is Three Penny.

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