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Popular private dog parks near Seattle, Washington

Casey & Brandy’s Fully Fenced Private Dog Park Oasis For Rent In Seattle

🧐 Looking for a Large, Conveniently Located, Highly Controlled, 100% Contained, Ridiculously Clean, Poop & Mud Free Space With Shade, Sun, Water, Toys and 100% Privacy Blocked 5’ tall Fencing that Is Specifically Designed For Maximum Human Comfort With Resort Style, Covered & Shaded Outdoor Padded Seating that Includes Phone Charging Station and Wi-Fi While Providing every single thing you need for meaningful play, training and comfort To Let Your Pup(s) Zoomie, Explore, Fetch and Train, without having to drive 30+ miles into the countryside??? 🤔 Welcome to 🐩🌴🏖️🦩☀️😎 “Lola’s Luxury Pup Paradise Resort” in West Seattle! Lola’s is a new and different type of private dog park that provides high-end, all-inclusive, luxury style, private dog park service to discerning dog trainers and owners that is conveniently located right inside of Seattle city limits. 🎉 ————————— 💸 - For a limited time only through June 16th, first-time guests can try out “Lola’s Luxury Pup Paradise Resort” for $5 off by using discount code “LolaNewbie” at checkout. ————————— 🎉 - If you’re looking for the perfect place to celebrate your pups birthday, gotcha day, or other special occasion, be sure to check out our birthday / gotcha day package in the extras menu to experience an doggy day event worth putting on Instagram! ————————— 🏆🥇- For those looking for the perfect place to visit with their pups twice a month or more, our monthly members enjoy priority, VIP treatment of maximum flexibility and first-priority of scheduling, discounted pricing, access to paid extras for free and memberships begin as little as only 2-hours per month! Members-Only Benefits Include: ✅ Access to highly desirable “members-only” hours ✅ Access to “First Dibs” on time slots before the public ✅ Access to “last-minute” short-notice bookings ✅ Access to shorter, 30-minute booking slots ✅ Hourly discounts of up to 20% ✅ Free access to many of our paid extras 🐶*Please Note: Membership to Lola’s is by invitation only and only after completing your first time visit and tour of the park.*🐶 ————————— 🐩🌴🏖️🦩☀️😎 “Lola’s Luxury Pup Paradise Resort” is Seattle's premier, luxury, private, outdoor, dog park designed specifically for discerning and selective doggy parents and trainers who value the ability to meaningfully engage, train, bond and connect with their pups in a highly controlled, luxury, outdoor-oasis environment that is unconditionally safe, pristinely clean, immaculately maintained, FUN, comfortable, and FREE of poop, mud, underbrush, and distractions with 100% line of sight to their pup at all times. ————————— ✅ - Lola’s is safe, fun and appropriate for dogs of all sizes and reactivity levels. ❤️🐶🐕‍🦺🐩🐕🐾 ✅ - We meticulously provide every single thing you need for a safe, comfortable, fun, productive and stress-free play or training session with your dog (Other than the actual dog! 😝) ————————— Including: 🌴 - 100% secure contained and visual/privacy blocked fencing with no gaps or spaces that is safe to contain even extra small and extra large dogs for maximized focus and minimized distractions / reactions. 🌴 - Big enough for full size dogs to zoomie to their hearts content (and stay contained) but meticulously designed to provide complete safety, containment and FUN for small dogs, including steel mesh safety netting along the undersides of the deck and fencing. ⛳️ - Immaculately maintained, CLEAN, lush, short-cut, golf course style, mud-debris-and-POOP-FREE grass for maximum comfort, cleanliness and joy for both you and your pup. 🌴⛱️🍹 - Maximum Human comfort with CLEAN, covered, resort-style outdoor seating for humans w/power outlets, phone charging station and hi-speed wi-fi connection, water, snacks, waterproof picnic blankets for lawn lounging and 6-seater, high-top outdoor dining table for human picnics ☀️😎 - Sun AND shaded areas for both pups and humans to either heat up and frolic in the sun, or cool off & relax in the shade. 🦴🧸- A multitude of all shapes and sizes of CLEAN toys for small, medium, large and power chewer dogs including flirt poles, chuck-its, frisbees, tree tugger game, extra small balls for pint-sized pups, and more. 🥛💧 - CLEAN, freshly filtered water for both humans and pups. Including CLEAN, fresh, doggy dish. 🛝 - Safe, clean, well-maintained, FUN obstacle / agility course equipment for refined, courageous or energetic pups 👃 - Sniff & Seek games for curious sniffers and food motivated pups ⛲️💦🔫 - Waterpark features such as doggy pool and/or splash pad available upon request 👀🔍 - Complete visibility for you with clearly defined boundaries in a clutter and undergrowth free space that creates clear line of sight to your dog (and what they may or may not be getting into or putting in their mouth) at all times. (No more losing them in the shrubs / blackberry bushes!) 🔦💡 - High-powered, 360 degree motion sensor flood lighting surrounding entire perimeter of the park for visits in the dusk / dawn hours. ——————————— 🐩🌴🏖️🦩☀️😎 - “Lola’s Luxury Pup Paradise Resort” was made with ❤️LOVE❤️ for our 2 standard sized poodles, including our reactive rescue poodle and the resorts namesake “Lola” who we saved from the Korean meat market. 🏙️ We built “Lola’s Luxury Pup Paradise Resort” after moving out of a downtown, studio apartment to give both of our poodles a GREAT place to run, play, stay healthy, strong and happy and grow their skills and confidence. ——————————— 🙏❤️☺️ We love helping, and sharing the benefits of, our happy little pup paradise with other conscientious dog owners and trainers.

Fully Fenced
0.25 acres
$20 dog / hour
Seattle, WA

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Why rent a private dog park in Seattle, Washington?
FeaturesSniffspotPublic park
Designed for private play
Rentable by the hour
Off leash options
Very large and/or fully fenced options
Pricing$5 - $15 per dog per hourFree
How do Seattle's private dog parks work?

Private rentals by the hour

Our hosts are locals that are renting their yards and private land to dog owners

Trust and safety first

Spots are designed for safety and both hosts and guests are reviewed after each visit

No other dogs during your visits

Only you and your dogs are allowed to enter a spot during the time you've booked it

Reactive dogs welcome

Many of the spots we list are designed with sensitive dogs in mind

Monthly memberships

Many of our dog parks have the option to access member-only benefits with a fixed monthly price

What people say about dog parks around Seattle, Washington

Nicolas E.
April 2021
Great quiet and clean little (fenced-in) yard for our pups to run around in. Both are fairly anxious and reactive to other dogs and they were running around like they owned the place. I think this is covered in the listing details but one part of the fence is a little shorter than the rest, so if you have a jumper just be cautious around there! We had to supervise ours around that part of the fence but otherwise it was great. They especially loved the long alley part of the backyard where they could just run back and forth.
Reebee M.
April 2021
Great little private spot especially with the little dog run. My friend and I used it to introduce our dogs to each other and have a play date. I did message the owner, but never heard back. Sniffspot is absolutely brilliant. I can't seem to upload pictures on this app, but once I'm able, I'll add some.
Walter B.
March 2021
We had fun! echoing others comment on size. it seemed smaller than anticipated, but was plenty comfortable space for me and my dog. the dog run is great! Disclaimer: folks do travel in and out of the yard unexpectdly (not frequently) so if you have a dog who scares easy or is agressive, just keep that in mind. have fin and go here!
Haley R.
February 2021
Great little space for pups to play. Comfy set up, water dish and hose available if you don't bring your own water. The yard was smaller then I thought (my fault for not being able to envision 0.1 acre) but there's a dog run for long throws of balls or toys. For reactive dogs, there is a neighbor dog that came out several times during our visit.
Carly G.
February 2021
Clean and easy to access! I met up with a friend and her pup here and they loved running around the backyard.
Shelli K.
January 2021
Great space. Lots of room for my puppy to run. The dog run got pretty muddy and my puppy loved that too!
Timothy R.
January 2021
The sniff spot is private and cozy, and the dog run is perfect to get your pups energy out of you remember to bring a ball! 
Jessica T.
January 2021
A great yard where two young (but big) pups could wrestle a bit and work out some energy away from the chaos of the dog park! Well located and has a water dish with hose for the ever appreciated hydration breaks. 
Alison D.
January 2021
Rocky had a great time, as always! We did run into a person coming from the apt but she was very friendly / understood we needed a second to get Rocky on a leash first (he's nervous/barks around strangers). We love this spot!
Jason B.
December 2020
Was a very nice spot. My deaf dog needs a private area to be off leash and he had the greatest time running the dog run and scaling the stairs. Thank you! Definitely will book again.
Lesley R.
December 2020
Small yard that was easy to find and perfect for 2 pups to wrestle for a couple of hours.  Exactly as advertised and I’ll definitely be back.  Great for apartment/condo dwellers to have a private dog park experience close by. 
Alison D.
December 2020
Had a great time, as always! We forgot to bring a toy for fetch but Rocky still zoomed all over - he loves this spot!
Marcus B.
November 2020
Dante loved sniffing around the grass and utilizing the dog run for zoomies and a little fetch! Easy to find too. We will be repeat customers. 
Andrew G.
November 2020
The yard was nice and just like the their listing, and the dogs loved it! It was just what we needed, enough space to run and play.
damian n.
October 2020
Super private back yard close to downtown! My 60lb dog had plenty of room to run around and chase her ball. Will definitely be going back! 
Ariel E.
June 2023
We love this spot! Just big enough for our pups to have a great romp, but not too big (we have a pup who is hard to wrangle when its time to go, so too big isn't always good for her). Nice spot to sit while they romp too!
Zoomiezoomz L.
May 2023
Great little spot! Fence is a little loose on the bottom so no escape artists. Pretty busy with people near the sidewalk, so just be aware!
Heather B.
May 2023
Great little spot for my dogs to sniff and wander around (neither are long distance runners). Clean and well cared for. Poop bags provided, but I did end up bringing my own water bowl since my dogs have never seen a hose and I thought they might be intimidated by water from it. Will reserve again!
Dk M.
May 2023
Great spot for my 2 little dogs! If your dogs are reallly small, they can probably squeeze under the fence at the front of the property. Just be mindful. Not a huge yard, but big enough for 2 20lb dogs to play some fetch and zoomie! Yard was clean, grass was mowed, and even though I brought my own bags it was super nice to see a roll outside. We'll be back!
Brooke L.
May 2023
Love this spot - perfect space for ball playing - love it so much I opted for a membership!

What other types of private dog parks are available?

Dog water parks
Many hosts have added water features like pools and/or are nearby lakes or rivers.
Fully fenced dog parks
Very popular choice, perfect to contain your dogs if they are escape artists or if they are not good at recall.
Dog hiking trails
Some of our best spots have hiking trails in wonderful natural settings.
Dog agility parks
Some hosts have implemented full agility courses to train your dogs in a private environment.
Dog fields
Many of the listed spots are large pastures, fields and have farm animals that can be sighted.
Dog beaches
Some spots are conveniently located by the sea or have sand and other beach features.
Indoor dog parks
A good alternative to do activities with your dogs on a rainy day and unpleasant weather in general.
Small dog parks
Dog parks that specifically work for the needs of dogs that are smaller in size.

FAQ about our Seattle dog parks

Are dog parks good for dogs?
It is important for dogs to have off leash exercise to sniff and run. But the free and open nature of public dog parks has drawbacks. There could be aggressive dogs, disease transmission and cleanliness issues. For this reason, many dog behaviorists discourage visiting public dog parks and recommend Sniffspot's private dog parks. Sniffspot private dog parks only allow one guest to book at a time and are not open to the public, which solves many of these issues.
Are dog parks safe?
While public dog parks have a number of safety issues, such as aggressive dogs, disease transmission and general cleanliness, Sniffspot dog parks much safer than public dog parks. With Sniffspot all bookings are private for just you and dogs you bring with you and we require all dogs to be vaccinated (or have equivalent titers). All Sniffspot locations are vetted and reviewed by guests so you can find the perfect place for you and your dog. 96% of reviews on Sniffspot visits in the Seattle area are 5 stars.
How do I know if a dog park works for my dog?
You can filter Sniffspot dog parks by fencing and distractions. If your dog doesn't have good recall, you can visit one of our 145 fully fenced dog parks in the area. If your dog is reactive to other dogs, you can visit one of our 47 off leash areas where there are no dogs audible or visible nearby. You can also filter locations to avoid other domestic animals and people. We also recommend reading reviews and reaching out to the host with any questions.
What is the best dog beach near Seattle?
The best Sniffspot dog beach near Seattle is Rosa's 2 Acre Partially Fenced Private Dog Park In Monroe. At Sniffspot beaches dogs can generally be off leash.
Does Seattle have any fully fenced dog parks?
Sniffspot has 145 fully fenced dog parks in or near Seattle. Browse all fully enclosed options.
Where are good dog hiking trails near Seattle?
The Seattle area has 27 Sniffspot locations with private trails for you and your dog to walk or hike. Dogs can generally be off leash on Sniffspot trails. The most popular trail is North Creek Farm Private Dog Park.
Are there dog agility courses for rent in Seattle?
Sniffspot has dog parks with agility equipment and/or dog obstacles in or near Seattle. The most popular agility option is Casey & Brandy’s Fully Fenced Private Dog Park Oasis For Rent In Seattle.
Where in Seattle can I find a pool for dog swimming?
Sniffspot has swimming options in the Seattle area. The highest rated option is Step Back In Time 0.5 Acre Fully Fenced Private Dog Park In Seattle.
Can I rent a field for my dog to run near Seattle?
There are 55 Sniffspot dog parks that offer fields in or near Seattle where dogs can be off leash. The most popular field is Greg's Private Dog Park near south Woodinville at Chateau LILL winery.

Rent safe and private dog parks