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Seven Acres, Mostly Fenced, Waterfront access on Mill Creek.

Antioch, Tennessee
Partially Fenced
7.84 acres
5.0629 reviews
Top spot
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Hosted by Chip B.



Partially Fenced

Fencing height (at lowest point)

6+ ft

96% of guests said fencing at this spot was secure enough to contain their dogs

Gaps or holes in fence: Gaps

Fencing details:

There are openings in the tree lines, and no fencing at all along Mill Creek in the very back but the vegetation and trees help to reduce visibility and detour access. There is no fencing on the side of the house where you enter to go towa...
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Other domestic animalsSometimes


Private entrySometimes


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Dog toys


River, stream or creek

Trash can

$10 per dog per hour

50% off all dogs after the 1st dog

25% off hourly price for 30 min visit

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DISCOUNTED HOURLY RATE MEMBERSHIPS AVAILABLE! If you visit often, like many do, why not become a member and enjoy a discounted rate on each visit? Whether you're a member or not, After the first dog, all dogs are always 50% off the hourly rate! Members also enjoy this benefit in addition to discounted lower hourly rates! Stack your discounts! The savings add up! 👍 Now that's out of the way.... We hope you will visit Nashville's very first Sniffspot and the most popular Sniffspot in middle Tennessee to this day! Read on for details … we love sharing our secret place with you! This Sniffspot is very conveniently located in southeast Nashville and offers 7+ park-like acres of old farm land, mostly fenced, that includes access to Mill Creek with adventures for all kinds of humans and dogs to enjoy activities like playing, running, sniffing, digging and the water. Come get your steps in and spend some quality off-leash time! Training, photo shoots, picnics, explore, rest, relax in the Adirondack chairs while your dogs roam, retrieve, sniff, dig, walk, run. There's creek access to swim, pastures to nap, play areas of tall grass the dogs can explore or just derp around. Even plan your picnic on a blanket or use the picnic table. Get some exercise on the trampoline (Note: use at your own risk!). Make this sniffspot your private oasis for as long as you want.. Kids are always welcome! Just book and bring at least one dog and all humans are free! Mill Creek borders the very back of the property and is available for water play but trees and vegetation and overall acreage makes it easily avoidable if that's not your thing. If you choose to venture to the creek and have a runner, you may want to bring a long lead. The water levels are usually below the knee, but ability to use Mill Creek safely depends on you, the creek conditions, and amount of recent rainfall. Always assess the abilities of you and your pets- as safety comes first! As Dirty Harry once said, "A man's got to know his limitations." The majority of the property has fencing so once you pass the house on your way to the back fields it's off leash play time! I recommend consider walking the perimeter first (on or off leash) to orient yourself with property features and assess potential escape opportunities. Your dog(s) will benefit from a perimeter walk allowing them to visually identify, mark their spots, and collect sniffs while at the same time reaping the benefit of your pack leaving an invisible "bread crumb" scent trail as you walk which will assist a dog with future identification of the established boundaries as well. This is natural instinct for many breeds. Note that Mill Creek along the back of the entire property is not fenced but it is mostly obscured at dogs level by trees and vegetation. Tip: When leaving, you may want to leash up before you reach the house - especially if you have a runner since there is no fence on the side of the house you enter and leave the spot. Depending on the water table, there is also a small feeder stream gently flowing through the middle of the property between the side and back fields. It can be great fun for a dog to explore and jump in and out of (just try and stop them!) Hint: bring towels! And, the mature tree line always provides plenty of shade for those hot summer months. Several foot bridges are available to cross over that small stream between the side and back fields while exploring, and you might even find the occasional old fashioned rope wood swing. 7Acres Challenge: See if you can find the hidden steps! A Hose is available hanging on the back of the house by the back garage door for your use along with a water bowl. Also a hose can be found on the front of the house near the front porch as you exit. Feel free to pick yourself wildflowers if they are blooming (late Spring/Summer Varieties), or snack on some blackberries off the fence line if you happen to come while they are ripening (usually mid-June to mid-July).... Bug spray is always recommended spring through fall, Just in case! You can't have all this nature without all the nature. 😉 If the calendar shows the time slot you want is available then book it and it's yours! Be last minute, that's fine! Be spontaneous, that's great! No advanced notice required. (2 hour minimum cancellation required.) Did I mention memberships? 😉Lower the hourly rate with a monthly membership!! Up to 30% off the hourly rate! A great way to be rewarded if you regularly visit or want to help support your favorite spot. Whether you have a membership or not, Multiple dog discounts really add up! All dogs after the first dog are 50% off the hourly rate! Bring your pack and/or their friends for a doggy play day! 👍🐾🐾 You are dedicated If you're still reading this far, and maybe you are considering your first visit?? If so, use promo code 'Chip' which is valid to get 5 dollars off your first visit only! 😉 Contact me with any questions and if you would prefer to meet and/or have a guide to walk the property the first time, if I am available, either or both my wife and I would be more than happy to accommodate that! Last, honest feedback and suggestions improve our spot are very welcome and appreciated! And leaving positive reviews along with sharing pictures of your pet's visit enjoying the property will help our Sniffspot as well as others who haven't been here before! Chip


100% of guests said this spot was as clean as expected during their visit.


Its an old farm, it has everything, from thick grass, tree stumps, tree roots, uneven ground, vole tunnels, holes from dogs digging, and grub eating wildlife and occasional groundhog holes. Wear appropriate shoes! Authenticity abounds as you can find thorny wild blackberry bushes, wild rose bushes, poison ivy, stinging nettle, poison oak, thistle bushes, a feeder stream with small sink holes under tree roots, puddles, ditches, occasional fire ant hills, old farm wire fencing, ticks, mosquitoes and other biting bugs (hint: bug spray). I do try and keep things mowed and trimmed to a large degree but this is untamed farm land around the perimeter and in areas of vegetation so be aware and knowledgeable about identifying these types hazards. I do mow and care for this spot, but I also enjoy existing with the beauty of the untamed growth which allows a true farmland/woods/field/pasture experience. Experiencing so many amazing varieties of vegetation, we have a huge oak, snuggling up to a flowering dogwood, and a mighty old maple down by the creek living next to a mimosa. The wild flowers, trumpet vines, honeysuckle, wild lilac, wild roses, blackberries, queen anne's lace, clover, black eyed susan, just to name a few, for example, are all popping out through the spring/summer/fall seasons. Literally dozens of species exist all around on this property and it changes through the seasons, which attract birds, bees, and butterflies. We have a great blue heron that lives here, ducks, turtles, blue birds, and of course the mockingbirds singing across the fields wanting to be herd while chasing the red tailed hawks away. Its a true nature lovers paradise and you will be amazed at all the beauty right in front of you. If you don't know your plants, don't touch it. There is plenty of poison ivy, so identifying that is an essential skill to have Tennessee living and I am constantly battling with it! Not only flowers, but Wildlife has been observed mostly when scary humans are not around such as deer, turtles, frogs, rabbits, wild turkey, red-tailed hawks, kestral falcons, herons, geese, ducks, groundhogs, mice, snakes, armadillo, moles, raccoon, opossum, and the very rare coyote, and even more rare bobcat and fox. Are you scared yet? :-). No parking lots or strip malls here! It's actually quite peaceful, and much safer than driving. 😁

Host Rules

Minimum visit length
30 minutes
Maximum dogs allowed
Is the host present?
I generally do not meet my guests
Additional rules

Be sure to assess Mill Creek conditions as safety comes first.. Feel free to use the green hose hanging on the brick at the back of the house or water spigots on front the house. You may place your poop bags in the milk crate attached to the fencing as you enter and exit the sniffspot. Consider bringing bug spray during the buggy months. Appropriate farmland shoes recommended. Towels if your dog loves the water, and... Have fun. Be safe.

Community safety rules
Dogs must be leashed when entering and exiting the spot.
Make sure the area is safe and secure before bringing your dog in.
Arrive and leave on time, this is important for safety.
Pick up after your dogs. Leave the spot as it was when you arrived.
Always review and abide by spot specific rules.
Unless otherwise stated, restrooms are not available on site.

Booking Policies

Booking Policies
Only one booking is allowed at a time at any spot and there is an enforced 30 min buffer between all bookings to ensure dogs in separate bookings do not meet.
This spot is set for Booking, which means you will be instantly confirmed for any booking you request. You will receive the address and access instruction immediately following booking.
Visits can be moved or cancelled up to 2 hours before a visit.
Visits can be extended and dogs can be added throughout the visit.

(629) Reviews

  • Mary L., Mar 30, 2023

    So much beautiful space. The creek was beautiful. Our Golden loved it!

  • Alex S., Mar 30, 2023

    We had the best time here!! I was dog sitting and needed a fun adventure and got one! Samantha had the best time exploring and having fun in the creek! Everyone was clean and lots of rest spots!

  • Skylar C., Mar 27, 2023

    Chip’s property is beautiful! We didn’t hear his dogs at all, there was lots of space to park, and my dogs loved the creek!

  • Hillary P., Mar 26, 2023

    Amazing location! Directions were clear and the spot was perfect. Plenty of different spots to sit and lounge while the dogs played. Our dogs absolutely loved swimming in the creek and running their tails off. Would love to come back ASAP.

  • Stephen G., Mar 25, 2023

    This sniff spot is awesome. Our hound dog had a great time sniffing everything and getting in the creek.

  • Kelly C., Mar 25, 2023

    We always have a blast here! Such a beautiful spot with lots of spots for our pup to splash and cool off, plenty of space to run, and shade to relax in. We keep coming back for more!

  • Clare R., Mar 23, 2023

    Our fav spot! awesome as always. Thanks chip

  • Christina M., Mar 21, 2023

    We absolutely love this Sniffspot. So much space for the dogs to go run off leash, and our dogs love swimming.

  • Becca F., Mar 19, 2023

    Such a peaceful spot and a hidden gem in a busy city! A favorite SniffSpot of all three of my pups!

  • Kimberly B., Mar 19, 2023

    Wonderful land with so much nature for the dogs to get into!! Our friends’ water dog tromped around in the creek even in the winter! We’ll be back!!

Meet your host

Hi, here you will find a piece of southeast Nashville's farm-land history that is buried in the burbs...great for both non-reactive and reactive dogs and their humans to spend some together time off-leash! I enjoy spending time clearing and caring for this land and so I hope you and your dog(s) will consider spending some time to come enjoy it too. We are proud to be the very first Sniffspot in Nashville and even all of middle Tennessee and are the 2nd SniffSpot in the entire state of Tennessee! Browse the listing, read the reviews and come enjoy 7+ acres that has a lot to offer in terms of park-like open space, sun, shade, water, adventure and variety for your pooch. Bug spray, towels, water, toys and possibly a blanket are suggested. :)

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Seven Acres, Mostly Fenced, Waterfront access on Mill Creek.

$10 per dog per hour
$10 per dog per hour

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$10 per dog per hour