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In a “me first” world, we put dogs first. We love dogs, we have dogs, we try to give dogs as much overflowing joy as they give us. We believe that dogs have inherent worth, and we care deeply about their well-being. As long as we share a place on Earth, we believe dogs have an inherent right to live a fulfilling, joyful and rewarding life.

We believe a more dog-friendly world is a better world. Dogs evolved and were bred in a world where they could run free in fields and forests. Modern society doesn’t carve spaces out for our canine companions and, as a result, dogs in the modern world are having all kinds of problems, like obesity, reactivity, and anxiety. We are coming together to provide safe spaces that allow dogs to let their instincts rise back to the top, to go wild and free, and to just be dogs again. Healing is a beautiful thing to witness.

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