Dog Training

The relationship between a dog and their human is a beautiful, complex thing. We know so little today about how a dog's mind works and every dog is different. Add to this the cultural history of not really viewing dogs as sentient beings, but rather as objects or possessions. Dog training encompasses all of these complexities. It is one of the most challenging topics covering dogs. Despite the challenge this topic is well worth covering. Only by diving deep into this topic can we begin to understand how we can nurture healthy relationships with dogs.

In this section, you can read about all kinds of dog training topics, including food aggression, dealing with common difficult behaviors in dogs, ways to train your dog, understanding dog behavior and more. We have separate sections for dog reactivity and dog enrichment.

Our blog is dedicated to relevant, high quality articles with modern advice aligned with recognized dog experts. All of our articles are force free and we do not endorse any kind of aversive training.

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