Dog Reactivity

It is hard to be a dog in the modern world. Dog's evolved in an environment where they ran free alongside hunter gatherers. They evolved to love, protect and have close social connections. Today humans and their dogs are moving into cities. The urban environment doesn't fit how dogs were evolved. All the strangers, sounds, smells and dangers create an environment where dogs can't get the exercise, enrichment and relaxation they need. As a result we are seeing all kinds of issues gaining prominence in dogs - obesity, depression and reactivity.

Sniffspot is an antidote to many of the problems of the modern city. By providing safe, private spaces for dogs to exercise we allow dogs to just be dogs. Many of our guests have dogs that are struggling with reactivity and use Sniffspot as an escape. So we are highly interested in dog reactivity.

This section of our blog covers all kinds of topics around reactivity, including finding support when you have a reactive dog, different facets of reactivity, how to help your dog with reactivity and more.

Our blog is dedicated to relevant, high quality articles with modern advice aligned with recognized dog experts. We believe in force free training and do not advocate any kind of aversive training.

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