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Be & Athena's Doggo Spot

Monroe, Wisconsin
Partially Fenced
2 acres
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Hosted by Barbara (Be) B.



Partially Fenced


River, stream or creek


Dog drinking water


Dog toys

Trash can

$10 per dog per hour

50% off all dogs after the 1st dog

25% off hourly price for 30 min visit

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Monroe, Wisconsin


Hello! Welcome to Hekate Farm! (Here's an intro but for those not interested in reading our backstory please scroll to the bottom and read our small list of rules. Thanks!) We recently moved into a very lovely old farm property with a pretty extensive "yard" and thought this may be a great way to make doggo friends and share the wealth! We spent the last year living in a huge home downtown with not a strip of grass to call our own and my ol gal Athena (6 going on 60) suffered from the conditions all year being usually a farm dog who lays in the sun making you question if she is alive sometimes she's so content 🤣 when we went to dog parks I felt uncomfortable letting her off leash because there were such a large amount of dogs allowed at one time and she is unfixed so very popular 🙄😮‍💨 and also tends to be the one our four legged friends "with something to prove" (😅) like to challenge and feel threatened by unfortunately. She just came to relax and play so it wasn't our scene. Now that I'm in a position to host a site like that myself I look forward to being the place where 2 & 4 legged people can go to have a little privacy, maybe meet for a doggo date, (we have a 3-5 dog max ATM but may go up to 5-10 when I get more fencing) maybe even a picnic!, while enjoying a day, a few hours, or even just a lunch break or morning/afternoon/evening/late night stroll around some good old Midwestern farmland just outside the city with your dog(s). Enjoy peace and quiet to yourselves or Athena is happy to meet anyone and keep them company for a while too! She gets lonely and can't play with her little fur brother as rough as she'd like because he's a kitty and mommy doesn't like seeing him gets smushed by her when they play rough lol. A little about Athena: She is a HUGE lover and sweetest girl ever. I owned her parents and her grandfather and none of them ever in their lives showed a sign of unprovoked aggression toward any living thing, the kind of dogs that literally will boop noses with birds and chipmunks of they get the opportunity, I've seen it many times over the decade+ owning the bloodline #BlesedToBeTheirKeeper. She has never bred but we hope to allow her a single litter this spring if we find the right guy for her, were very picky. She's has had false pregnancies so I think she should be allowed to have her own babies once in life and my kids are ready for a Stark kids kind of deal at their ages finally 😅 We are hoping to use the money from this to save up for service dog training so she can do meet and greets with people (especially elderly as she LOVES the elderly) who may be in need of some Doggo snuggles 🐕‍🦺🥰 she is desperate for snuggles 🙄😅🤷🏻‍♀️ figured I'd make a professional out of her and give her days a little more purpose and fulfillment in all the ways I can 😁💓 Ok enough about my 4 legged Queen lol, for those of you looking for a little escape time with your pups I totally get it! Just let me know you'd like some privacy and for and additional $5 ($Beairyel or COA) I will halt booking while your visiting us and I'd be happy to oblige if you'd prefer Athena stays inside loving her furry little kitty brother to no end. Some of our fur babies need solo roam time! I get it! I do too every now and then. Hence moving back to the country lol. We hope to have you visit soon! Enjoy your day! (Some rules but not many: *No smoking cigarettes (I am very allergic as well as one of my children), no doing hard drugs or drinking in access before or during your visit here to the Hekate Farm. No exceptions. This is a natural place where you come to do natural stuff. Thanks. *No engagement in any violent or sexual behavior during your visit. This is a family home with children who live here and have windows and go outside at will. I protect mine on all levels at all costs. *Absolutely no littering of any kind and please do your best to pick up after your pet if they do their dooty anywhere you can easily access it. Don't have to trudge into the bramble after their done or anything but if you can safely reach it to dispose of it please do. *No approaching the house or anyone inhabiting it for ANY reason other then myself (Be) and Athena of she is with me. I can be reached at 608-709-9130 to address any needs you may have and if Ian not be reached unfortunately you are on your own or may call 911 if in need of assistance but not approach the home. Ever. *Please stay in designated areas doing designated activities. We do not provide a bathroom site for #2 for humans at this time under any circumstances and I think most people know where it's appropriate to do a tinkle in the outdoors if ur in an emergent situation (not in eyeline sight of the house or garage for starters lbvs) Breaking any of these rules will immediately end your visit,period. Doing so more then once is grounds for permanent ban from visiting at our discretion. We hope you understand and are willing to respect us and our home! 😁💓 I am not getting notifications from SniffSpot so please send a heads up text to 6087099130 before heading over for your adventure so we will not be caught off guard for visitors! Thank you!


This spot has a water feature, make sure to review these guidelines for visiting spots with water before visiting: https://help.sniffspot.com/article/167-how-to-keep-your-dog-safe-around-pools-and-water.

Host Rules

Minimum visit length
30 minutes
Required advanced notice for visits
1 hour
Max dogs per booking
Is the host present?
I prefer to meet my guests on their first visits
Additional rules

Be advised there is an unfixed female Rednose living on the property. She is very friendly to all things but very capable of defending herself without knowing her strength if attacked. She generally will take a beating before retaliation. She LOVES to wrestle and get wild and crazy when playing with other doggos but she means no harm and is so excited to make friends and play! Her name is Athena and she is our host 😊

Community safety rules
Dogs must be leashed when entering and exiting the spot.
Make sure the area is safe and secure before bringing your dog in.
Never enter a spot before your booking start time and never leave late.
Pick up after your dogs. Leave the spot as it was when you arrived.
Always review and abide by spot specific rules.
Unless otherwise stated, restrooms are not available on site.

Booking Policies

Booking Policies
Only one booking is allowed at a time at any spot and there is an enforced 30 min buffer between all bookings to ensure dogs in separate bookings do not meet.
This spot is set for Booking, which means you will be instantly confirmed for any booking you request. You will receive the address and access instruction immediately following booking.
Visits can be moved or cancelled up to 2 hours before a visit.
Visits can be extended and dogs can be added throughout the visit.

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    Barbara (Be) B.

    Joined in November 2022

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    Be & Athena's Doggo Spot

    $10 per dog per hour
    $10 per dog per hour

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    $10 per dog per hour