The Funny Farm

Knoxville, Tennessee
Partially Fenced
20.0 acres
3.915 reviews
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Hosted by Kelly A.



Partially Fenced

33% of guests said fencing at this spot was secure enough to contain their dogs

Gaps or holes in fence: No gaps

Audible/visible from spot


Other domestic animalsNo


Private entryYes


Dog drinking water


Dog treats

Swimming pool



$10 per dog per hour

50% off all dogs after the 1st dog

25% off hourly price for 30 min visit

Optional monthly membership available!

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There are 60 acres that up over the top of the ridge You are free to roam about most of. We will be posting other photos of the barn and building where you can park, and on your first visit us, we can meet you there as you arrive. There are walking trails,dirt road trails,and make-your-own trails. There are two ponds here,and one is perfect for your pup to get a drink or cool off. *Remember lifejackets if you think you will need them. This is an outdoor natural farm,so You will have plenty of privacy and freedom or you and your furry friend to play. Keep in mind,safety first. Use the same skills as you would while camping or hiking . ( And just like many hiking or camping trips,there are no indoor restrooms. We know you will love it here and can't wait for you to visit us. * Special Promotion* If you have more than one dog per person, the others will be 50% off. Stay safe. We can't wait for to visit us.


80% of guests said this spot was as clean as expected during their visit.


This spot has a water feature, make sure to review these guidelines for visiting spots with water before visiting:

Host Rules

Minimum visit length
30 minutes
Maximum dogs allowed

Community safety rules
Dogs must be leashed when entering and exiting the spot.
Make sure the area is safe and secure before bringing your dog in.
Arrive and leave on time, this is important for safety.
Pick up after your dogs. Leave the spot as it was when you arrived.
Always review and abide by spot specific rules.
Unless otherwise stated, restrooms are not available on site.

Booking Policies

Booking Policies
Only one booking is allowed at a time at any spot and there is an enforced 30 min buffer between all bookings to ensure dogs in separate bookings do not meet.
This spot is set for Booking, which means you will be instantly confirmed for any booking you request. You will receive the address and access instruction immediately following booking.
Visits can be moved or cancelled up to 2 hours before a visit.
Visits can be extended and dogs can be added throughout the visit.

(15) Reviews

  • annabelle a., Jan 15, 2023

    Dogs enjoyed walking down gravel driveway…however there are multiple houses and it is unclear which property we were allowed to be on. Especially when there is barbed wire. We were told we would be met at the red barn, then stayed for an hour with no response. We walked down each driveway hoping to see clear trails or a way to go, but each had a different house. While a more rural area, there were still too many houses/people for the dogs to run around without concern we were in someone else’s yard. Wish there was any sort of communication, even if it was that the owner would not be meeting us as expected.

  • Tina S., May 22, 2022

    GET SPECIFIC DIRECTIONS FROM HOST BEFORE YOU VISIT!!! ALSO MAKE SURE HOST WILL BE RESPONSIVE AND MEET YOU THERE. LOOK AT ALL REVIEWS!!! THERE ARE SEVERAL LIKE MINE. We were unable to find the location via GPS. The host did not respond to my messages. Still hasn't and our visit was supposed to be yesterday. We basically loaded the pup up and drove all the way out there for nothing. We were really looking forward to visiting this place. Even if we would have been able to find it we wouldn't have been able to explore if she wasn't even there to meet us as we couldn't just roam around not knowing if we are in private property. I guess this is on me as I didn't read all of the reviews.

  • Megan G., May 15, 2022

    My dogs loved it. We are definitely rebooking soon. One of my dogs is a bit reactive to people and dogs but she has really good recall so I have been searching for a place where she could get all her energy out without running into other dogs!! She absolutely loved it! And she has kissed the dog park ponds and this farm has a pond and she jumped right in and loved every bit of it!! Thank you so much, for helping me wear my dogs out!

  • Daisy F., May 14, 2022

    Loved the pond but didn’t explore much farther due to high grass and the worry for snakes being unseen. However, definitely would visit again for the private pond area and the joy of being able to be unleashed. It was a little difficult to find with following gps. Host was quick to contact me back with showing me around. Looks like a lot of land to explore!

  • Margie J., Apr 29, 2022

    Our dogs loved the pond!

    Host replied: We are so glad to hear that! your pups had a good time! We hope you are able to visit us again soon!

  • Deleted P., Apr 17, 2022

    Thank you for having us again. I am so grateful for you and Sniffspot. What a great idea and a great place to enjoy with my lab, without all of the stress of the public parks we have tried in the past.

  • Haley E., Apr 13, 2022

    Host was very responsive up until the day of the visit. It took us 20 mins to the find the place because we didn’t have useful directions. Once we got to the barn, we were told she’d meet there us to discuss her property and where we could go. We waited for 20 minutes and she never responded to us. We ended up leaving because we didn’t feel comfortable walking on someone’s property without permission.

  • Alexis L., Apr 10, 2022

    Our beagles loved their time here! They especially enjoyed one of the three ponds on the property, and all of the tall grass! So much land for them to run! Will definitely book again.

  • Deleted P., Apr 3, 2022

    We had a lot of fun. Plenty of room to run and play .Kelly is very helpful. We can't. Wait to back.

  • Sarah H., Mar 29, 2022

    Definitely a lot to explore, you could easily use two hours here. To explore a lot of the space you will need to tackle inclines and declines. This was a great place to allow my dog off leash safely so she could do dog things. We enjoyed our time at this Sniffspot.

    Host replied: Thank you Sarah I appreciate you. It was a joy having you. I hope you all get to come back and play soon. Kelly

Meet your host

I have a 10 month old Husky who is wonderful but they have alot of energy and are very friendl!y When we would go to the park or hiking he would run up to any person or animal and it's uncomfortable for me,scary for them "sometimes". Last summer, before we moved back up on my fiance's old family farm, I would drive around trying to find somewhere we could play,that was safe but fun. And I never could find somewhere that I felt comfortable to just let him off his leash and just play . When we moved back here, it was perfect,and exactly what I had been looking for. This land,all together is 60 plus acres.It's been in his family for over 50 years.and is beautiful bc of it's diversity. There are ponds,fields,grassy areas,trails,wooded areas,and a ridge,if you are into hiking. plus tons of black berries in the summer.When I came across Sniffspot,I knew we had to share this with other people and their dog(s). You will have the privacy and freedom for you and your dog to play and relax without the concern of other people or their pets.

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The Funny Farm

$10 per dog per hour
$10 per dog per hour

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$10 per dog per hour