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J&W's 2 Acre Fully Fenced Private Dog Park In Wesley Chapel

Wesley Chapel, Florida
Fully Fenced
2.0 acres
5.080 reviews
Top spot
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Hosted by Cherisse R.



Fully Fenced

Fencing height (at lowest point)

4 ft

100% of guests said fencing at this spot was secure enough to contain their dogs

Gaps or holes in fence: No gaps

Fencing type(s): Cattle with wire mesh

Fencing details: 4 ft tall field fence with a 6"x6" mesh.

Audible/visible from spot


Other domestic animalsNo


Private entryNo




Short grass

Farm animal sightings

Off street parking

$10 per dog per hour

50% off all dogs after the 1st dog

25% off hourly price for 30 min visit



Welcome to my spot!! Quick housekeeping items: 1. Gate over driveway, if closed, can be opened manually. If already opened, just drive through and close it behind you to secure the space for your dog to enjoy his run. When you leave, you don't need to close the gate if you found it opened when you come in. 2. Please don't enter the vinyl fence areas directly in the front and back of the house. 3. I recommend you stay closer to the front of the lot because my neighbor in the back on the northwest side (on the far left if you're facing the house) has 3 little dogs who love to do fence fighting. 4. Also, please try not to be too close to the fence lines as there are shallow holes from dug up Vibernum bushes that used to grow in front of the fence. 5. For dog waste, I have a dog waste collection bag (an empty dog food bag) by the trash can area in front of the garage. Please deposit your dog waste bags in here. If you don't see one, please feel free to leave the bags on the concrete pad by the trash can area. I'll put it in the dog waste collection bag when I see it. If you let me know you leave the bags on the concrete pad, I will be sure to take care of them quickly. Thank you! 6. If you need water for your dog(s), there is a faucet by the back building. 7. I recommend wearing waterproof boots as grass can be wet from morning dews. 8. You might want to bring some mosquito repellant as there can be mosquitoes in the yard. 9. After heavy rain, the back part of the property and the right corner in the back area will have puddles and grounds can be muddy. If you want to avoid these spots, try to stay in the front part of the property on the right side when facing the house. The left side next to the mound can also gather some water puddles. Enjoy your time. Thank you for checking out my spot. Have a lovely day!


100% of guests said this spot was as clean as expected during their visit.


1) There are shallow holes along fence lines from dug-up plants. 2) Please watch out for ant mounds. They are being aggressive, so I am now using Orthene fire ant mound killer to destroy the mounds. Please supervise your dogs and don't let them root around the mound areas. Once Orthene is working, the mounds get flattened out and destroyed. 3) Don't let your dogs eat yellow or dead grass. I sprayed weed killer (Ortho Ground Clear) along the fence and edges to help make it easier to mow the lawn. I also sprayed it on the driveway to keep the weeds from growing too much. It has dried out already.

Host Rules

Minimum visit length
30 minutes
Required advanced notice for visits
1 hour
Maximum dogs allowed
Additional rules

Please park on the driveway but not directly on the concrete pad in front of the garage.

Community safety rules
Dogs must be leashed when entering and exiting the spot.
Make sure the area is safe and secure before bringing your dog in.
Arrive and leave on time, this is important for safety.
Pick up after your dogs. Leave the spot as it was when you arrived.
Always review and abide by spot specific rules.
Unless otherwise stated, restrooms are not available on site.

Booking Policies

Booking Policies
Only one booking is allowed at a time at any spot and there is an enforced 30 min buffer between all bookings to ensure dogs in separate bookings do not meet.
This spot is set for Booking, which means you will be instantly confirmed for any booking you request. You will receive the address and access instruction immediately following booking.
Visits can be moved or cancelled up to 2 hours before a visit.
Visits can be extended and dogs can be added throughout the visit.

(80) Reviews

  • Brandy D., Mar 25, 2023

    Very beautiful and spacious! Fully fenced and in a quiet area. Will return.

  • Kirsten H., Mar 25, 2023

    Dogs had a BLAST!!! Thank you!! Will be back!!!!

  • Noreen A., Mar 25, 2023

    wide open space, trash bin for collecting waste, fenced in! there are yapping dogs on the left side but it makes for a great training opportunity. thank you Charisse !

  • Kaylee R., Mar 12, 2023

    My pups really enjoyed their time at this location very nice location and quiet!

    Host replied: Thank you so much for your visit. Happy to hear your pups enjoyed their time here. :D

  • Leslie A., Mar 7, 2023

    We had a great visit! So much wide open space and well maintained! We will definitely be back!

    Host replied: Thank you so much for your visit! Happy to hear that your pups enjoyed their time here. :D

  • Brandy P., Mar 4, 2023

    Great spot! I brought my own lawn chair and there was a perfect shaded area where I could sit when the dogs wanted to take a break. I will definitely go again.

    Host replied: Thank you for your visit. Glad your pups had a great time!

  • Mia F., Feb 28, 2023

    Easy to find and the grass is maintained well. My dogs had an amazing time being able to run in such a large space.

    Host replied: Thank you for your visit. Glad your pups had a great time!

  • Natalie B., Feb 10, 2023

    This one is a no if you have a reactive dog like I do because of the dogs in the back of the property across the fence. It’s a beautiful place to bring your dog as long as they tolerate other dogs.  Unfortunately for me, I can’t have dogs that close.

    Host replied: Thank you for your visit. Sorry it did not work out for your pup. I mentioned the little dogs that my neighbor in the Northwest corner has who are outside dogs in the description about other dogs audible/visible from my spot. I did have to add another layer of fence on my side that is about 6" to 1 foot from his fence, so my dogs can't be nose to nose with their dogs. It's best to play more toward the front of the property if your dog is reactive. I have seen several Sniffspot visitors choose to hang out with their dogs in the front part of the property. So if you ever want to come back, perhaps that might be an option for your dog.

  • Amanda E., Feb 4, 2023

    We’ll kept grounds with great fencing my dog was exhausted by the end of the visit tons of room for running and exploring. Had no problems with the neighbors dogs, friendly and generous host 🙂

    Host replied: Thank you so much for your visit! Glad your pup had a great time!

  • Maddie J., Jan 31, 2023

    Owner of sniff spot is very accommodating and my dogs love her house! They are always exhausted before the full hour is up

    Host replied: Thank you so much for your visit! Glad your pups had a great time!

Meet your host

Hello, I have a 2.33 acre fully fenced lot and I love dogs. I'm glad to be able to share the space with other dog lovers. Immediately around my house, you'll see a vinyl fence around the front and back yards, so these areas are not part of the sniff spot space. :D My neighbors in the NW side (left side in the back when facing my house) have 3 little dogs that are yappers, so if you don't want your dog(s) to engage in fence fighting/barking, you might want to say closer to the front part of the lot or don't go past the 2nd building on the lot. Otherwise, hope you and your dog(s) enjoy your time at my spot. NOTE: I added a section of fencing in front of the neighbor's fence, so now my dogs aren't interested to engage in fence fighting or barking with the neighbor's dogs since they could not go nose to nose. So I think it's ok to roam in the back, too, if you're curious. Just keep a close eye on your dogs.

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J&W's 2 Acre Fully Fenced Private Dog Park In Wesley Chapel

$10 per dog per hour
$10 per dog per hour

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$10 per dog per hour