Bark Park

Sherwood, Oregon
Partially Fenced
3.0 acres
4.918 reviews
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Hosted by Jessica A.



Partially Fenced

64% of guests said fencing at this spot was secure enough to contain their dogs

Gaps or holes in fence: No gaps

Fencing details:

Please See Photo of areal view - Red indicates the unfenced / unsecured areas. My neighbor in the back has an automatic gate. If it is open, your dog might try to go visit their dog. He is friendly and unable to leave their property. If you...
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Audible/visible from spot


Other domestic animalsNo


Private entryYes



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$12 per dog per hour

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Welcome to my home ~4 Acre Dog Farm~ away from the city, but not too far! This sniff spot is not fully fenced in. The space is huge and I haven't had any issues with my dogs running off. About 3 sides are fenced in and there isn't a lot of traffic on the road. **Please note: the neighbor along the back of the field has a gate that is sometimes open. Their dog cannot get out of their yard because he is on an invisible fence. He is outside about 50% of the time. If your dog is reactive, and does not have good recall, PLEASE stay away from the back corner. I don't want guest dogs entering my neighbors yard and attacking their dog. If your dog is friendly towards other dogs and happens to wonder through the back gate - It's not a big deal. Bobby is a friendly Golden Retriever.


100% of guests said this spot was as clean as expected during their visit.


Small blackberry bushes can be hard to see. There is a patch close to the orchard to watch out for. The neighbors driveway runs along one side of the field. Watch for them coming and going.

Host Rules

Minimum visit length
1.0 hour
Required advanced notice for visits
1 hour
Maximum dogs allowed
Is the host present?
I generally do not meet my guests
Additional rules

Park on gravel area only (not on grass) Please bring your own water. Bowl is available. Sorry - no water during the winter months.

Community safety rules
Dogs must be leashed when entering and exiting the spot.
Make sure the area is safe and secure before bringing your dog in.
Arrive and leave on time, this is important for safety.
Pick up after your dogs. Leave the spot as it was when you arrived.
Always review and abide by spot specific rules.
Unless otherwise stated, restrooms are not available on site.

Booking Policies

Booking Policies
Only one booking is allowed at a time at any spot and there is an enforced 30 min buffer between all bookings to ensure dogs in separate bookings do not meet.
This spot is set for Booking, which means you will be instantly confirmed for any booking you request. You will receive the address and access instruction immediately following booking.
Visits can be moved or cancelled up to 2 hours before a visit.
Visits can be extended and dogs can be added throughout the visit.

(18) Reviews

  • Madison A., Mar 18, 2023

    Oliver absolutely love this location 🙂

  • Jessica M., Mar 17, 2023

    Had a good visit, gorgeous weather and found the place with no issues. I did see the neighbor’s dog out but wasn’t worried about our dog getting in since their gate was closed, however, there is a 2-3 foot gap by the gate that I didn’t see and didn’t realize was there from the description. After my dog running the fence a number of times with the neighbors dog, she decided to pop right through and play on their side of the fence. Good to be aware of this so we can call her away if she heads over near their gate. I just assumed with the gate closed she wouldn’t be able get through. Overall enjoyable, I think we will be back.

  • DeAnn B., Mar 16, 2023

    Plenty of space to run free!

  • Andrea H., Mar 15, 2023

    Our six month old lab had a great time - this was his first experience off leash with any significant room to roam. Like previous reviewers said, the ground is uneven, but our dog (who runs full speed and is pretty careless) navigated fine, but do beware of your dogs capabilities. I noticed the owner had some toys out to use, but we brought our own. Side note, the view of the surroundings were pretty, so that made it a nice spot for us too :) We will be back!

  • Brie S., Mar 11, 2023

    Exactly what we needed: a ton of space for Willa to run and sniff and hunt field mice. I’d say as long as your dog isn’t dead set on escaping you, then it’s plenty secure. There’s a lab that lives on the back who will (playfully) run along the fence if engaged. Accessibility: It’s fairly flat from the parking spot to the two chairs set out. I wouldn’t navigate the field with a mobility device due to gopher/mole holes. We’ll definitely return! 🐕 💜

  • Jocelyn E., Mar 10, 2023

    Absolutely loved this place! Very open and quiet, we will definitely be back!

  • Jenny H., Feb 26, 2023

    We had a blast! Lots of good sniffs and the snow added some extra fun

  • Tayler J., Feb 21, 2023

    Great open field and I appreciate that I can almost always get a spot when needed

  • Kaitlyn S., Jan 25, 2023

    Great spot to run and sniff. Be prepared for mud and uneven ground but still very walkable.

  • Pearl P., Jan 14, 2023

    We had a great time and really enjoyed the space even though it was raining like crazy. There was plenty of room for parking and they even provided a little canopy and chairs. Definitely will book again.

Meet your host

Hello! I have a large field available for dogs to play. There is a fence on 3 sides of the field and it is far away from the road. A large piece of property in the quiet countryside. We do have a few mole holes and blackberry bushes, but it's mainly field grass. There might be other dogs in my backyard or in the neighbors yard. They will always be securely kept out of the sniffspot. I am a dog boarder and I will try to put any barking dogs inside while you are onsite.

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Bark Park

$12 per dog per hour
$12 per dog per hour

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$12 per dog per hour