Rent safe and private indoor dog parks hosted by locals in Sandy, Oregon

Sniffspot's private dog parks are the best way to exercise your dog. We have the best variety and the best priced dog parks anywhere!

Designed for private play.
Only the people and dogs in your booking are allowed in the spot during your visit.

Popular private indoor dog parks near Sandy, Oregon

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Why rent private indoor dog parks in Sandy, Oregon?
FeaturesSniffspotPublic park
Designed for private play
Rentable by the hour
Off leash options
Very large and/or fully fenced options
Pricing$5 - $15 per dog per hourFree

What people say about indoor dog parks around Sandy, Oregon

Cecilia N.
February 2024
Great host! We had a lot of fun exploring. Just watch your dogs if they don’t have great recall, but my dogs do so we did well in this environment.
Barb S.
February 2024
Beautiful area. Your choice of terrain. Very private. Rena is very nice and gives a tour before you start your adventure.
Jessi C.
February 2024
Lovely access to the river. Lots of great natural obstacle courses with downed trees, rocks, moss, and branches. Ruby had a blast!
Sarah R.
February 2024
This is a great spot. There are a number of options. Since my Sniffspoter is reactive to other dogs we opted to start in the fully fenced area to run off some initial energy. This area is not bordered by other pasture. Then on leash we followed the short trail down to the Sandy River and splashed around a bit. After the water play we followed the short loop to the other end of the property, by the barn (there were horses but my dog did not react) and back to the original fenced area for a game of fetch with a prized stick she found. The trail and I believe river frontage at the end of the trail are part of this private property. We headed back up to the entrance and loaded up. Next time I will bring her long lead so we can explore with a little more freedom other areas that are available, but not fully fenced. We had the area to ourselves the whole time. Rena has asked her neighbors, who she kindly lets walk her property, to not walk there when there are Sniffspot visitors. She has communicated the time frames the Sniffspot may be in use. This will also be a great place this summer for some swimming. It is possible you could meet the neighbors and their dogs, who are adjacent along the edge of the property, but there is so much property available as a Sniffspot visitor it shouldn’t be hard to manage if you have a dog reactive dog like mine. My dog has good recall etc. but as a precaution for her reactivity I would opt to keep her on her very long lead outside the fenced area just in the event we were to encounter the neighbors dogs. I think it is very unlikely you would encounter them. My dog is not reactive in the sense she will approach a dog and start a fight but if a dog with a lot of energy comes up to her she can react. Rena mentioned it is ok to be off leash at the river. I think this would be an amazing option for most dogs. The Sandy River has a strong current but there is a shallow area separated from the main river. Not sure if it is there year round but it was nice to see. Rena met us on our first visit and showed us around which was great.
Monica H.
July 2022
As described, this well-fenced yard was perfect for playtime with 20-lb poodle mix, Oscar, and my high-energy, 30+lb pitty mix puppy, Belle. It was well shaded, isolated and clean. The fenced dog run is a great feature for separating rambunctious pups from less playful dogs if necessary. We will book this again and highly recommend it. Thank you!
Daniella J.
February 2024
How do Sandy's private indoor dog parks work?

Private rentals by the hour

Our hosts are locals that are renting their yards and private land to dog owners

Trust and safety first

Spots are designed for safety and both hosts and guests are reviewed after each visit

Designed for private play

Only the people and dogs in your booking are allowed in the spot during your visit

Reactive dogs welcome

Many of the spots we list are designed with sensitive dogs in mind

Become a Sniffpass holder!

Get discounts on all bookings at all spots by buying monthly credits!
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FAQ about our Sandy indoor dog parks

Are indoor dog parks safe?
While public dog parks have a number of safety issues, such as aggressive dogs, disease transmission and general cleanliness, Sniffspot dog parks are much safer than public dog parks. With Sniffspot all bookings are private for just you and dogs you bring with you and we require all dogs to be vaccinated (or have equivalent titers). All Sniffspot locations are vetted and reviewed by park users so you can find the perfect safe place for you and your dog. 93% of reviews on Sniffspot visits are 5 stars. Since indoor dog parks are completely enclosed, this adds another level of safety for your pup.
How can I find indoor dog parks near me?
There are 3 indoor dog parks in the Sandy area. The most popular indoor dog park is . You can browse all of our indoor dog parks here.
How do I know if an indoor dog park works for my dog?
Start by applying basic filters, such as distractions, to find a dog park that works for your furry friends. If your dog doesn't respond to owner commands, indoor dog parks are a good choice due to their fully enclosed nature. If your dog is reactive to other dogs, you can visit one of our indoor dog park sites where there are no dogs audible or visible nearby. You can see any park amenities provided, including a park bench, water for dogs or water features such as kiddie pool or water hose. If your dog loves water, you can go to a park with water features, but if they don't love water, you can avoid them. We also recommend reading reviews to check for park maintenance issues and reaching out to the host with any questions. And lastly, of course, check park hours. Many of our parks are open from dawn until dusk.
What are the requirements to bring my dog to a Sniffspot park?
We require that all dogs have basic vaccinations or equivalent titers. We do not allow dogs with a bite history. We require that owners sign our waiver and agree to follow our safety rules. We also require that pet owners follow safety protocols around water features.
Will there be other dogs at the Sniffspot park at the same time as me?
No. We only allow one booking at a time and any host dogs are required to be kept away from the area during visits. So when you book a Sniffspot park you have the entire place to yourself and your dog-owning friends if you invite them. We also enforce 30 min time buffers between bookings so you will not run into other park patrons when coming or leaving.
How much do Sniffspot indoor dog parks cost?
Indoor dog parks in the Sandy area range from $14.0 and $14.0. The least expensive indoor dog park is Todd Acres-Sherwood-INDOOR Dog Park-spot#1. The most expensive indoor dog park is Todd Acres-Sherwood-INDOOR Dog Park-spot#1. Each host sets their own price, so you can check the price on the specific Sniffspot dog park listing.
Can I have an event or party at an indoor dog park?
If you are planning an amazing indoor dog park party, each Sniffspot park has their own rules regarding special events. Many parks allow doggie birthday parties, training, water parties and other event types. Event organizers need to be responsible for their guests and event organizers should coordinate with the host regarding their fun party. Make sure the park has amenities you need for your party, such as a park with lots of picnic tables with park benches.

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