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Indoor dog parks for rent near you

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How do Sniffspot's private indoor dog parks work?

Private rentals by the hour

Our hosts are locals that are renting their yards and private land to dog owners

Trust and safety first

Spots are designed for safety and both hosts and guests are reviewed after each visit

Designed for private play

Only the people and dogs in your booking are allowed in the spot during your visit

Reactive dogs welcome

Many of the spots we list are designed with sensitive dogs in mind

Become a Sniffpass holder!

Get discounts on all bookings at all spots by buying monthly credits!
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Why rent private indoor dog parks?

FeaturesSniffspotPublic dog park
No encounters with stranger dogs
Rentable by the hour
Off leash options
Very large and/or fully fenced options
Pricing$5 - $15 per dog per hourFree

The top private indoor dog parks listed on Sniffspot

Summit Ridge: Fully Fenced 2.5 Acre Heated Indoor/Outdoor Private Dog Park in Tacoma

**Winter is upon us so some areas have the potential to be soggy and muddy in the lowest grass areas. Boots are strongly advised. We have towels to wipe paws.** Centrally located in the Summit area nestled between Tacoma and Puyallup. We’re just minutes between the I-5 and 512. At Summit Ridge, there’s something to satisfy your dog’s need to stimulate their natural curiosity and bring them home tired…the humans too! Included in your booking, you and your pup(s) will have three different areas to engage their noses in different sensory experiences while on our 2.5 acre fully fenced property. Whether it’s our heated indoor arena, the “Dogs Den” suitable for small to medium sized dogs to play. The indoor arena is heated, perfect during the cold rainy season and also air conditioned during the hot summer months. The indoor arena is great for having a Birthday or Gotcha “Pawty”. The arena can be fully enclosed for those rainy days or open the slider to the fully fenced 1/4 acre grass dog Zoomy Pen🐶 The fully enclosed grass “Zoomie Pen”is perfect for zoomie time, puppies and dogs in training, some toy fun, or for dogs without good recall. Just outside the Zoomy Pen is our large play field giving lots of room for Chuckit tossing, parkour on the logs or some nose work fun and mind stimulation. The playfield leads to the backwoods🌲so 🐾Venture out to the 1.5 acre wooded area providing a cool shaded area of trails for more sniffing, wildlife spotting and occasional llamas in the neighboring pasture. For an even greater experience, we offer some add ons that are sure to enhance your dog’s stimuli and go home tired from all the fun! ———————————————- **New guests use promo code SUMMIT5 for $5 off your first visit **

Fully Fenced
3 acres
$20 dog / hour
Tacoma, WA

What people are saying about Sniffspot indoor dog parks

Heather T.
February 2024
What a perfect spot for my senior doggos to peacefully explore! Will definitely return.
Courtney H.
February 2024
Great open space for play with a secure fence and easy parking
Joanna H.
February 2024
This place was absolutely beautiful! My dogs had the best time we’ve ever had at a sniff spot and the owners were very kind and respectful of the space we were renting! Couldn’t recommend enough!
Hanna D.
February 2024
Love it here everytime!! Will book ahead and come this weekend!
Debbie P.
February 2024
There’s always something new in the yard; a new photo spot or treats from the owner. Very welcoming clean well thought out space.
Lucia G.
February 2024
Excellent communication, so friendly and beautiful place to have your fur baby run free. Had toys, water and an outdoor wash station for extra, in case you need to wash your baby after play time! This is doggie paradise, recommend to everyone!
Ellen M.
February 2024
This place is awesome! Huge back yard big enough to really chuck my 70lbs dogs frisbee and get him to run out his puppy energy! Spoke to Victor for a bit about the yard since we were his first visit. Super awesome guy and very accommodating. Couple good shaded areas to get out of the heat for a bit and some chairs to relax while my dog sniffed around. We will be adding this to our favorite spots and will definitely continue to come back!
Chloe W.
February 2024
we loved it

Frequently asked questions about Sniffspot indoor dog parks listings

Are indoor dog parks safe?

While indoor off-leash dog parks are great for keeping your dog from running off and for providing enrichment when the weather isn't favorable, public dog parks — especially small enclosed ones — also have their drawbacks.

Most indoor parks are small in size due to the financial and labor costs of setting up large buildings. There might not be enough space for dogs to interact naturally since indoor areas can cause some dogs to feel trapped in situations they aren't comfortable with. It's possible for nervous pups to be physically cornered in a busy dog park with no way to escape an interaction they don't want, which can lead to a “fight” response when “flight” isn't an option. Reading dog body language can be hard for many pet parents, which increases the risk of something going wrong if pups don't have superb social skills.

Thankfully, these conventional dog park concerns don't apply to private listings since you and your dog will be the only ones there! Sniffspot dog parks are much safer than public city dog parks. Human and animal safety is our #1 focus. With Sniffspot all bookings are private for just you and dogs you bring with you and we require all dogs to be vaccinated (or have equivalent titers). All Sniffspot locations are vetted and reviewed by guests so you can find the perfect place for you and your dog. 93% of reviews on Sniffspot visits are 5 stars.

And with indoor dog parks, you can get the safety of an enclosed indoor space for dogs — some even with soft rubber foam floors to reduce impact on your pup's joints — while still having plenty of square feet for fun.

What are the benefits of indoor dog parks?

Two top pros of indoor dog parks: These enclosed off-leash areas keep your pet from running away, and they're great for getting exercise in poor weather.

Recall training is tough work for any pet — and some breeds of dog have a genetic predisposition to roam. It isn't safe for your pup to run off into the wilderness (or throughout the neighborhood) unattended… but we all know that off-leash time can be great enrichment and allow for natural behaviors like sniffing. That's an important part of your dog's daily care. The solution? Secure areas! Indoor dog parks are one way to provide your dog with an opportunity to stretch their legs without causing you any worry that they'll escape or get in harm's way like they might at outdoor parks. Smaller square feet makes it easier to catch them when it's time to go home.

Indoor parks are also a great option for pet parents who live in an area that's prone to inclement weather or experiences dramatic seasons, like harsh winters or unbearably humid summers. These off-leash spots are climate-controlled environments regardless of what's happening outside — making it possible to fulfill and tire your pup out in a safe way even on the days you'd rather stay cozied up out of the wind, sun, rain, or snow! That's something outdoor dog parks can't offer.

How do I know if an indoor dog park works for my dog?

Many pet parents looking for indoor dog park options have dogs that are not good with voice control yet. We understand! You can filter Sniffspot dog parks by things like size to make sure you have enough square feet to play; amenities to check features you want for your activity like provided toys, agility or playground equipment, drinking water, fountains, self-wash stations, and additional services; as well as nearby distractions. If your dog is reactive to other dogs, the privacy of an indoor space will work well for you. Some indoor listings also have outdoor play spaces attached, too, for the best of both worlds.

You can also browse on a map by park location to find a fun park in or near your city to make travel convenient.

We recommend reading reviews and reaching out to the host ahead of time with any questions!

Will there be other dogs at the Sniffspot indoor dog park at the same time as me?

No, there will not. Your rental is private, not a public dog park! You will have your reserved Sniffspot all to yourself: a safe environment just for you and your furry friend to enjoy.

Sniffspot only allows one booking at a time. Any host dogs are required to be kept away from the spot during visits. We also enforce 30 minute time buffers between bookings to make sure you don't run into any surprises.

How can I find an indoor park for dogs near me?

You can browse all of our indoor parks up above to find the perfect comfortable environment to visit with your four-legged friend.

What are the requirements to bring my dog to a Sniffspot indoor facility?

We require that all dogs have basic vaccinations or equivalent titers. It's a good idea to keep your pet's vaccination records up to date. We do not permit private dog park use by pregnant dogs or pets with a bite history — and we require that pet parent guests sign our waiver and agree to follow our safety rules before bringing their furry friend to a Sniffspot dog park, such as staying within the designated indoor area.

Each park location also has their own set of rules that guests need to follow, such as limiting excessive barking and otherwise ensuring respectful canine behavior.

How much do Sniffspot indoor dog parks cost?

Each indoor dog park location sets their own price, so you can check the price on the specific Sniffspot park location listing. Most are between $5 - $15 per dog per hour. Some hosts offer monthly membership options and other discounts for their dog parks. Others allow pet parents to host special events and might charge extra for parties.