Support for displaced dogs

Key Takeaways

  • Sniffspot is announcing that Sniffspot hosts are offering $40,000 of free visits this year to displaced dogs
  • These visits are funded by the generosity of our hosts
  • Anyone interested in supporting displaced dogs can learn more about hosting here

Sniffspot is announcing that our hosts are offering $40,000 of free visits to displaced dogs.

Some of the saddest sights are dogs that are displaced by natural disasters or abuse. We have all see stories about wildfires and hurricanes that have displaced thousands of dogs or dogs that come out of terrible hoarder situations. Unfortunately, these occurences seem to be becoming more and more common.

Dogs have a hard enough time in the modern world without adding displacement to the list. Dogs evolved and were bred in a world where they could run free in fields and forests. Modern society doesn’t carve spaces out for our canine companions and, as a result, dogs in the modern world are having all kinds of problems, like obesity, reactivity, and anxiety. When a dog is displaced from their home it exacerbates these issues.

Sniffspot hosts joined our community to provide safe spaces that allow dogs to let their instincts rise back to the top, to go wild and free, and to just be dogs again. Our hosts are stepping up again to make a difference for displaced dogs by offering $40,000 of free visits to displaced dogs.

We know that our community is eager to stand up and assist displaced dogs. Any host who is interested in supporting this initiative by offering free visits can go here to sign up. Anyone who is not yet a host, but is interested in helping can go here to learn about hosting.

Sniffspot will track major dog displacement events defined as an event that requires a large amount of dog owners and their dogs to leave their home area and spend a significant amount of time outside of their home area. We will disburse these free visits through discount codes to nonprofits on the ground, who are working with displaced dogs and dog owners, regardless of nationality, race, ethnicity, or how they identify.

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