Video: A Sniffspot Guest Story: John & Pearl

Hear from John and his trusty pup Pearl about why they love visiting Sniffspot

Here is the transcript:

Sniffspot to me just lets Pearl be a dog. She has a lot of high energy. Playing fetch with the ball is her favorite thing in life. So when we get to come here and play for an hour or two then she is living her best life. We leave here and she is tired and I feel like I have accomplished my goal as a dog parent by giving her the freedom to run herself out and have fun and chase ball after ball and just be a dog. We are at this one right in the middle of Ballard. I'd say this is our local Sniffspot. We come here 2 - 3 times per week. It's a 5 minute drive from our house. Every time we get in the car to go home it's a great feeling of accomplishment of giving her the freedom to be a dog. When we are at home and she is calm and she eats dinner and is passed out on the couch, it's the best thing. One of the great things for me is meeting the host. A lot of the hosts I have met are genuinely interested in having dogs over and giving them space to run and play. Even if you have a yard yourself, with Sniffspot now your dog has dozens of places to run and play. Every time I look on the map and see a new spot I just try to get out there as soon as I can. It just really gives you a chance to give your dog the best of everything. It's a great way even if you do go to a dog park to change things up and give something new to your pup.