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Sniffspot's private dog parks are the best way to exercise your dog. We have the best variety and the best priced dog parks anywhere!

Designed for private play.
Only the people and dogs in your booking are allowed in the spot during your visit.

Popular private dog water parks near Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Fort Washington Fully Fenced Woodland Yard | Sniffspot
Fort WashingtonPennsylvania19034
Sniffspotsupport@sniffspot.comUnited States
David AdamsFounder
Fort Washington Fully Fenced Woodland Yard

About: Explore our heavily wooded, fenced yard which backs up to township wooded land. Lots to sniff as we regularly experience visits from all sorts of wildlife (deer, fox, bunnies, chipmunks, birds, squirrels, etc). We have two very large GSDs of our own who love chasing all the woodland creatures and frequently bring their toys outside so it wouldn't be surprising if your dog uncovers a ball or toy buried out there. New Deck Closed: For winter, deck is unavailable as the furniture and deck need to be cleaned for spring. Potential for deck amenities for pet parents available this summer. It's perfect for launching a ball off of - really tires our dogs out. Please note that some photos showcase an old deck. Updated photos will come soon. Warning: To keep the visit pleasant, please keep yourself and the pup(s) away from the glass door on the deck. As mentioned we have two large GSDs and they are protective of the house as is in their nature. Suggestions: Our yard is great for: - scent work as there are some many places to hide a scent. - tiring out your dog with a tougher game of fetch as there's a lot of foliage to throw a ball into to have them really use their noses - watching wildlife such as deer, birds, fox, etc. Warning: Backyard is positioned on a hill which may not be accessible if dog/humans have any mobility issues. You can avoid the hill by following the trail against the fence until it dead ends where you can walk through the clearing. In times of heavy rain, the space will get muddy. Clean towels can be provided - see extras.

Fully Fenced
0.25 acres
$4 dog / hour
Fort Washington, PA
The Oasis (3 Acres & Lake) | Sniffspot
Carneys Point TownshipNew Jersey08069
Sniffspotsupport@sniffspot.comUnited States
David AdamsFounder
The Oasis (3 Acres & Lake)

**November 2023 We got an outdoor heater for guests to use to keep warm!! Guests responsibility to turn on/off depending on your heat needs** Does your dog love to run? Love to swim? Love to chill in the shade? We have it all! Enjoy 3 acres of fenced in land to run around, a private lake for you pup to swim in or do some dock diving, and a bamboo forest perfect for getting some shade and feeling at peace. We have an active train that can run nearby twice a day. Most dogs don't mind, but if yours does, be mindful that it can show up (: Two people per dog please! Any additional people should be added under "extras". Also: We do have a mole issue which causes holes AND dogs digging holes. Be mindful of any holes! We fill them as often as possible, but want everyone to be safe and mindful of any potential hazards!

Fully Fenced
3 acres
$15 dog / hour
Carneys Point Township, NJ
Ruppert Estate Farm | Sniffspot
PittsgroveNew Jersey08318
Sniffspotsupport@sniffspot.comUnited States
David AdamsFounder
Ruppert Estate Farm

We live on 17 acres, with a lake and stream. Perfect for a private hike with your pup, our dogs love it! Easy trail with beautiful scenes along the way, it ends at the perfect spot of the creek, with a different trail and scenes on the way back. During the summer months, the water can be low and dry in some areas. There are also ticks during these months. Bring your binoculars! We get so many visitors, including deer, muskrat, beaver, geese, mallards, bald eagles, ospreys, blue heron, wood ducks, hawks, raccoons, owls, and many native wild birds. (Wood-peckers, robins, gold finch, humming birds, finches, etc)

15 acres
$10 dog / hour
Pittsgrove, NJ
Three Bridge Farm | Sniffspot
ShamongNew Jersey08088
Sniffspotsupport@sniffspot.comUnited States
David AdamsFounder
Three Bridge Farm

There is a pond that dogs are welcome to swim in. Has shallow entranceway, and deeper areas. Dogs love to fetch sticks and balls from the Pond. Also, there is a bridge from the edge of our property into the Wharton State Forest. There is a pretty wide trail.

3 acres
$7 dog / hour
Shamong, NJ
Jeanette's 25 Acre Unfenced Private Dog Park In Pottstown | Sniffspot
Sniffspotsupport@sniffspot.comUnited States
David AdamsFounder
Jeanette's 25 Acre Unfenced Private Dog Park In Pottstown

Almost 25 acres of beautiful nature! You and your pet(s) can enjoy this private area for only $10 an hour per dog! We have miles of mowed grass trails for you to walk and three huge meadows or mowed grass as well! Please know, this is not fenced in.

25 acres
$15 dog / hour
Pottstown, PA
Ash & Izzy's Playground | Sniffspot
VinelandNew Jersey08360
Sniffspotsupport@sniffspot.comUnited States
David AdamsFounder
Ash & Izzy's Playground

A lovely spot in a quiet enclave, situated on just over an acre. Beautifully wooded and safely fenced in. Enjoy summers in the pool, or enjoy bonfires at the pit during colder days. Covered deck with 6 chairs and table to rest those human feet, water and treats provided for your fur babies. Book our spot today!

Fully Fenced
1 acre
$10 dog / hour
Vineland, NJ
Over 10 Acres Fully Fenced Farm | Sniffspot
Sniffspotsupport@sniffspot.comUnited States
David AdamsFounder
Over 10 Acres Fully Fenced Farm

Welcome to our Delaware oasis, a 10-acre testament to nature’s beauty on a horse farm. Our family’s heart holds a special place for my first dog, Cody, a spirited soul who taught us resilience. If Sniffspot existed then, it would’ve been a haven for us, a place to learn and grow without the fear of hills and unpredictability. In his memory, we offer this space – a peaceful realm for training, exploration, and connection, just like Cody would have loved.

Fully Fenced
10 acres
$20 dog / hour
Middletown, DE
Historic and scenic property with natural barriers | Sniffspot
West ChesterPennsylvania19380
Sniffspotsupport@sniffspot.comUnited States
David AdamsFounder
Historic and scenic property with natural barriers

I own 11+ acres in West Chester (bordering Downingtown), although I’m currently offering access to the 4.5 acres that is not fully forested. The side of the property you’ll be enjoying has the mill which was built in the 1760s and converted into a home in the 1970s. This strip of land is bordered by a creek on the one side, and a millrace on the other. The millrace is where the water used to run when the mill was operating many moons ago. Both the creek and millrace have water, although the creek has proven to be much more alluring to visiting dogs. The deepest area in the creek is approximately 8ft. There is a bench there for you to sit and enjoy the view while your dog swims in the water. There is another, more private area, where your dog can get easy access to the creek water. I can provide you with a chair to enjoy this area, and will likely already have it there upon your arrival. There are steep embankments for both the creek and the millrace so it would be an effort for your dog to cross them to “escape.” At the end of my 4.5 acre property, the land comes to a peninsula where the millrace and creek meet to become one body of water. This peninsula serves as a natural barrier although my friend’s young German Shepherd did jump out into this water and after a deer on one frightful day. Fortunately, we got him home/back but I think it’s prudent for me to disclose this harrowing event for the safety of your fur baby. There is an outdoor stone patio where you and your pup(s) can relax in the shade. Here you’ll find a filled water dish for your pup(s) to enjoy and a trashcan for your dog waste. If past dog visitors are any indication of future visits, your pup(s) will likely be thirsty from all the exploring, good smells and open land to run and play. I have one of those tennis ball throwing devices that help you throw a ball super far that you’re welcome to use too. I ask that you don’t encourage your pup(s) to chase after the wildlife here, not just for their sake, but for the safety of your pup(s) too. I think the hawks might have put a dent in the small wildlife around here. You won’t see many small animals like squirrels or bunnies, although you are likely to see deer. If your dog is a young/strong “chaser” you might want to visit with a leash. You’ll also find less snuggly wildlife here like snakes and ticks. I ask that you use your best judgement in supervising your dog(s) and be sure to check them for ticks before leaving. Of course at your first visit, I’ll give you a tour of the layout with your dog leashed to ensure your comfortability with the space. I’d ask you to kindly replace the raft in the creek should your visit cause it to pop. For future consideration: I have about 7.5 more acres of land (on the other side of Harmony Hill Rd) that is forested, rather secluded, and also bordered by the creek. Here you’ll find the remnants of the dam that used to feed the mill, and some amazing water landscapes including large rocks and crystal clear water. I’m slowly trying to establish a walking trail in this area but it’s been hard keeping up with all the overgrowth. I’d be open to bartering where you would help cut back the trail overgrowth in exchange for your dog enjoying the forested area.

4.5 acres
$15 dog / hour
West Chester, PA
Hilda's Private Dog Park In Gloucester City | Sniffspot
Gloucester CityNew Jersey08030
Sniffspotsupport@sniffspot.comUnited States
David AdamsFounder
Hilda's Private Dog Park In Gloucester City
Fully Fenced
$10 dog / hour
Gloucester City, NJ
Convenient, clean, secure, & comfortable.... | Sniffspot
Sniffspotsupport@sniffspot.comUnited States
David AdamsFounder
Convenient, clean, secure, & comfortable....

Right off 422 our yard is convenient, clean, and we offer lawn and patio chairs for owners comfort. Play dates welcome !! Fire pit available if u want to really spend some time outside with your dog and still stay warm;). No pesticides or chemicals used.

Fully Fenced
0.5 acres
$7 dog / hour
Eagleville, PA
Laurel Valley Meadow-Creek Side Park | Sniffspot
Sniffspotsupport@sniffspot.comUnited States
David AdamsFounder
Laurel Valley Meadow-Creek Side Park

Plenty of acres for discovery; located in quiet Newlin Township just minutes outside of Unionville, West Bradford, & Coatesville. Nestled in the valley surrounded by rolling hills. Our meadow has the Brandywine Creek along the whole property. A smaller creek running thru as well. Beautiful sunrises & sunsets to see. You have access to the Brandywine Creek if you’re dog likes to splash and play! Different levels of water from ankle deep, to swimming deep; and many entrances to access and play in the creek for the pups and humans. Parking is safe, secure & private right in the meadow, so you can unload you’re pup & begin exploring. Bring the water toys, paddle boards, canoes etc, if you’d like! We do it all! We have the perfect spot to relax & take a break, with chairs, large table, umbrella & more. This area is located right near parking for easy access to car to get supplies for a quick snack or full out meal in nature. Wild life all around, from fish to the majestic Bald Eagle pair, to be seen! Don’t miss out on this beautiful tucked away meadow, right out of a painting! Be prepared with all terrain boots/shoes and dogs that aren’t afraid to get dirty while having fun!

18 acres
$10 dog / hour
Coatesville, PA
Dan and Katie's Dog Retreat - Chadds Ford | Sniffspot
Chadds FordPennsylvania19317
Sniffspotsupport@sniffspot.comUnited States
David AdamsFounder
Dan and Katie's Dog Retreat - Chadds Ford

Welcome to your dream dog park! This stunning 2-acre property boasts a variety of features that both you and your furry friends will love. As you enter, you'll be greeted by dozens of trees and bushes, providing the perfect backdrop for a peaceful day out. Among these, you'll find an array of flowering and non-flowering plants, offering vibrant colors and sweet scents that will delight your senses. The property also includes spacious lawns, allowing your four-legged friends to run and play to their heart's content. You'll find plenty of room to toss a ball, play fetch, or simply relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. At the very back of the property, if it rained recently you will find a small stream that winds its way through the woods. The backyard is enclosed by a split rail fence that marks the boundary, but there are numerous gaps, so it will not stop a curious pup.

2 acres
$8 dog / hour
Chadds Ford, PA

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Why rent private dog water parks in Cherry Hill, New Jersey?
FeaturesSniffspotPublic park
Designed for private play
Rentable by the hour
Off leash options
Very large and/or fully fenced options
Pricing$5 - $15 per dog per hourFree
How do Cherry Hill's private dog water parks work?

Private rentals by the hour

Our hosts are locals that are renting their yards and private land to dog owners

Designed for private play

Only the people and dogs in your booking are allowed in the spot during your visit

Trust and safety first

Spots are designed for safety and both hosts and guests are reviewed after each visit

Reactive dogs welcome

Many of the spots we list are designed with sensitive dogs in mind

Become a Sniffpass holder!

Get discounts on all bookings at all spots by buying monthly credits!
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FAQ about our Cherry Hill dog water parks

Are dog water parks safe?
While public dog parks have a number of safety issues, such as aggressive dogs, disease transmission and general cleanliness, Sniffspot dog parks are much safer than public dog parks. With Sniffspot all bookings are private for just you and dogs you bring with you and we require all dogs to be vaccinated (or have equivalent titers). All Sniffspot locations are vetted and reviewed by guests so you can find the perfect place for you and your dog. 93% of reviews on Sniffspot visits are 5 stars.
If you are worried about whether you can have an enjoyable water experience, just know that it is possible to have peace of mind when visiting dog waterparks by following basic safety guidelines. Some great ways to stay safe around water with your dog include learning canine CPR and keep an eye on your dog at all times to ensure they are not distressed. You can learn more about safety around water here.
How can I find the best dog water parks in Cherry Hill?
There are 29 dog water parks in the Cherry Hill area. The most popular dog water park is Fort Washington Fully Fenced Woodland Yard. You can browse all of our dog water parks here.
How do I know if a dog water park works for my dog?
Start by applying basic filters, such as fencing and distractions, to find a dog park that works for your dog. If your dog doesn't have good recall, you can visit one of our fully fenced dog water parks. If your dog is reactive to other dogs, you can visit one of our dog water parks where there are no dogs audible or visible nearby. Make sure to review the amenities of the spot to see what kind of water features are offered to make sure it works for your dog. If your dog is not a strong swimmer, then perhaps choose a dog water park with tamer water features rather than a river or beach, for instance. We also recommend reading reviews and reaching out to the host with any questions, and of course, checking water park hours.
What are the requirements to bring my dog to a Sniffspot water park?
We require that all dogs have basic vaccinations or equivalent titers. We do not allow dogs with a bite history. We require that guests sign our waiver and agree to follow our safety rules. Additionally, we recommend following our water safety guidelines.
Will there be other dogs at the Sniffspot water park at the same time as me?
Sniffspot only allows one booking at a time and any host dogs are required to be kept away from the spot during visits. We also enforce 30 min time buffers between bookings.
How much do Sniffspot dog water parks cost?
Dog water parks in the Cherry Hill area range from $4.0 and $4.0. The least expensive dog water park is Fort Washington Fully Fenced Woodland Yard. The most expensive dog water park is Fort Washington Fully Fenced Woodland Yard. Each host sets their own price, so you can check the price on the specific Sniffspot dog park listing.
Can I have an event or party at a dog water park?
If you are planning an amazing dog water park party, each Sniffspot water park has their own rules regarding special events. Many water parks allow doggie birthday parties, training and other event types. Event organizers need to be responsible for their guests and event organizers should coordinate with the host regarding their fun party.
What are the coolest doggie water features available?
Sniffspot dog water parks can have a variety of features, everything from swimming pools to rivers to beaches to hoses and kiddie pools. If you are dreaming of a curtain of water, water tunnels, a ball pit pool, water slide ball pits, splash pools or other cool features, you can definitely find amazing features at Sniffspot dog water parks. Each water park is different, so check the details of the park to find the incredible dog water park of your dreams.

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