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Sniffspot's private dog parks are the best way to exercise your dog. We have the best variety and the best priced dog parks anywhere!

Popular private dog agility parks near Angier, North Carolina

Rock Quarry Farm - 1 Acre Fully Fenced Private Dog Park In Raleigh

Welcome to the Rock Quarry Rd. - Private Dog Park in Raleigh! We have 1 acre fully fenced in with lots of room and enrichment opportunities for your dog! We cannot wait to share our space with you! ABOUT THE SPACE The yard is fully fenced in. We have a 4ft wire fence around the property. The back fence is a 6ft privacy fence. The largest opening is 5in at the bottom of the fence. There are no shared fence lines, our yard is ideal for reactive or sensitive pups. 🥇We officially have a beginners agility course! It includes 3 jumps, 1 hoop jump, a tunnel, and weave poles. We hope you and your pup love it! 🎾 The space comes with dog toys, tennis balls, place cots, digging sand, dog waste bags/ trash can, and a short but smell-filled nature “trail”. Our yard is filled with squirrels and birds and your dog will love following their scents through the brush. The area is made up of short grass, overgrown brush along the fence lines, and sandy soil. 🌳 Perfect shady spot for the summer! We have many mature trees which provide great shade but there are also large grassy spots where you can get full sun. A table and chairs are provided in the shade, as well as a covered area. 💧Water for dogs is provided, as is a water bowl. You’re welcome to use the hose to rinse your dog off but we ask that you don’t bath your dog or run the water for long periods of time. Our house runs on a small well so we have to reserve water. (The well is enclosed and located far outside of the fenced area). While we do live in the house on the property, it is very unlikely that you’ll see us. We want to ensure that your time is as private as possible. Our personal dogs will be secured inside the house. We ask that you keep your dog away from the back door of the house. For safety, we do have security cameras located around the property. Our house is far back off of the road. When you enter the driveway, you will pass our neighbor who is located at the road. They have dogs that will likely bark when you drive past them. They are fully enclosed in a privacy fence and cannot be seen from our yard but they can be heard if they’re barking. Otherwise you should not see or hear any domestic animals. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!

Fully Fenced
1 acre
$12 dog / hour
Raleigh, NC

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Why rent private dog agility parks in Angier, North Carolina?
FeaturesSniffspotPublic park
Designed for private play
Rentable by the hour
Off leash options
Very large and/or fully fenced options
Pricing$5 - $15 per dog per hourFree
How do Angier's private dog agility parks work?

Private rentals by the hour

Our hosts are locals that are renting their yards and private land to dog owners

Trust and safety first

Spots are designed for safety and both hosts and guests are reviewed after each visit

No other dogs during your visits

Only you and your dogs are allowed to enter a spot during the time you've booked it

Reactive dogs welcome

Many of the spots we list are designed with sensitive dogs in mind

Monthly memberships

Many of our dog parks have the option to access member-only benefits with a fixed monthly price

What people say about dog agility parks around Angier, North Carolina

Sydney A.
June 2023
The pups had fun running around, the obstacle course was cute and we enjoyed showing them how to climb the ramp. My more timid pup was a bit spooked by the barking at first from the house but she got use to it after a minute 😄 the creek was pretty and they loved splashing around in it.
Jocelyn P.
March 2023
My dog and I had a great time. The creek was a beautiful area to sit and play with my dog. He wasn't so sure about the agility equipment 😅 but we'll be back for sure!
Christina F.
February 2023
Pups had a blast! This place is a great mix of open space/agility and wooded/trail space which is great! Plenty of room to run, play and explore and there were some toys available as well. Only concern is there was an area where barbed wire was hanging down where it wasn’t a clear fence line and I think someone could accidentally get snagged! Not sure if we had accidentally wandered just outside of the Sniffspot when we came across this though to be honest, but we tried to stay within the designated space! Overall a great spot!
Shelby T.
February 2023
This spot was great! Definitely one of my favorites so far. They had toys and agility equipment that my dogs loved. Bring treats to practice with your pup! My dogs are off-leash trained, so it was nice to be able to take them somewhere to practice their off-leash skills and let them explore freely! They loved romping in the creek and through the woods. Host provides everything you need - treats, poop bags, some toys, and even some goodies for human :) We had a great morning, highly recommend!
Pamela R.
January 2023
We had our second visit to Sam and Mary Ann's Sniff Spot in the North Carolina woods. Who would have thought that we'd be running and splashing around in a creek in the winter, but when I told the pups we were going back to 'our' new park they were more excited than before. There are cliffs to jump up and down from, water to splash in, sand to dig in, logs to jump over. Watching my girls navigate the different things there were to do was as much fun for me as it was for them.
Pamela R.
January 2023
Our first time ever to a Sniff Spot was Sam's in Clayton. Right in my own town! Because I have four big dogs, and live in the city we aren't often able to run off leash at a public dog park. And those parks are small and boring. Today we arrived at Sam's private park and once we entered and the leashes came off, they ran and ran and ran. They were so excited, you could see it on their faces and tails. My dogs aren't young puppies normally but today they were! There were logs to jump over, bushes to run under, and a winding creek they could jump in, jump over, and swim in. The sandy beach let them dig, the fallen leaves let them roll and play. For the dog parents that prefer to sit and relax while the pups play, there is a picnic table to relax on, and Sam even leaves toys for those that want to run and play in the grassy area. I thought it was sweet that he even left fresh water and bowls in that play area. I decided on our first day to play with the dogs where they chose to go, and today it was in the woods and sand and water. These four girls were like kids at a private amusement park for an hour. And just like those kids, they are sound asleep and haply as can be. I foresee us going back quite often! Sam even offers a great discount for multiple dogs! We had a blast!
Samantha R.
December 2022
Will be returning for sure! Would recommend good shoes for the wooded area, lots of thorns, as expected though. Host offers water and treats for the pups, and snacks for the humans. Poop bags and trash on site. Balls and ropes available for play. Would recommend maybe more secured agility course as my dogs were knocking it over constantly.
Sally D.
December 2022
Sam is very communicative and very hospitable. The space is awesome. So many things to sniff and explore and lots of room to run and a creek for your pup to cool off. Hank had the best time and we will definitely be back again soon!
Kenneth F.
December 2022
Sam is a great host and the spot is excellent! I highly recommend it! Lulu had a blast playing, exploring, sniffing, running, etc., even in the rain! She felt right at home! Thanks again, Sam! You rock!
Jillian G.
November 2022
Not as fenced as I thought it would be - fence posts did not have mesh/netting between them so really were not a barrier. We still had a great time! Took our dogs on long leads to the woods & creek and they had a blast playing in the water. Definitely will be back!
Monica K.
September 2023
My very bell obsessed dog spent the first 15 min exploring he was so happy! Plenty of space and entertainment for my buddy and he’s now passed out!
Elaine H.
September 2023
This spot was perfect for us. Lots of things to explore and sniff! Lots of shade and amenities. Its tucked away but Liz was very thorough with her directions and communication. It’s one of our new top spots!
Angie G.
September 2023
My dogs loved their time here. There was so much for them to smell and plenty of room to run all out. Everything was very well marked/explained and the large Sniffspot sign was really nice to know you are in the right place! There is also a lot of shade which is really nice this time of year.
Jaclyn P.
August 2023
This place is awesome! They provide everything for your dog to have a wonderful time and my pup had so much fun sniffing and playing fetch!
Nicole P.
August 2023
It was a nice spot. The host provided easy directions so it wasn’t hard to find. I appreciated the assortment of toys and bug spray.
Christy M.
August 2023
This was our first Sniffspot experience and Charlie had a wonderful time! Directions were clear and easy to follow, and the space itself was perfect -- a nice size and plenty of interesting things to explore. I thought C would want to run and play, but she took her job seriously and sniffed every spot 😂
Kathy G.
August 2023
Our girls had the best time!! Thank you for letting us rent the space. They ran around and chased each other. They were smiling when we left.
Dana W.
August 2023
Dewey had a blast running around and exploring the spot. He was tired out within 30 minutes but got a second wind after a short lay down. He enjoyed sniffing all around the property and playing fetch. We will be back!
Sarah K.
August 2023
Such a beautiful spot! We made a turtle friend today! As usual my dogs are happy and worn out. Thanks so much for sharing your little sanctuary with us!
Rachel L.
July 2023
Our big, active dogs LOVED this spot! There are all sorts of interesting places to explore and things to sniff. We will be back.

What other types of private dog parks are available?

Dog water parks
Many hosts have added water features like pools and/or are nearby lakes or rivers.
Fully fenced dog parks
Very popular choice, perfect to contain your dogs if they are escape artists or if they are not good at recall.
Dog hiking trails
Some of our best spots have hiking trails in wonderful natural settings.
Dog fields
Many of the listed spots are large pastures, fields and have farm animals that can be sighted.
Dog beaches
Some spots are conveniently located by the sea or have sand and other beach features.
Indoor dog parks
A good alternative to do activities with your dogs on a rainy day and unpleasant weather in general.
Small dog parks
Dog parks that specifically work for the needs of dogs that are smaller in size.

FAQ about our Angier dog agility parks

Are dog agility parks safe?
While public off-leash dog parks have a number of safety issues, such as aggressive dogs, inattentive owners, disease transmission and general cleanliness, Sniffspot dog parks are much safer than city parks. Contrary to a typical dog park, with Sniffspot all bookings are private for just you and dogs you bring with you and we require all dogs to be vaccinated (or have equivalent titers). All Sniffspot locations are vetted and reviewed by guests so you can find the perfect safe place for you and your dog. 93% of reviews on Sniffspot visits are 5 stars. As always, ensuring you use park dog agility equipment safely is also key to an enjoyable experience.
How can I find dog agility parks in Angier?
There are 14 dog agility parks in the Angier area. The most popular dog agility park is Mary's 100 acres In Zebulon. You can browse all of our dog agility parks here.
How do I know if a dog agility park works for my dog?
Owners commonly wonder about whether a park works for their dog. Start by applying basic filters, such as fencing and distractions, to find a fenced dog agility park that works for your dog. You can also filter on size to find a larger park or neighborhood parks. If your dog doesn't have good recall, you can visit one of our fully fenced dog agility parks. If your dog is reactive to other dogs, you can visit one of our dog agility parks where there are no dogs audible or visible nearby. You can read the description of the spot to see the details of the set up, such as whether there is commercial grade park equipment, and other amenities, such as park benches. Browse photos to get a sense for park design. We also recommend reading reviews and reaching out to the host with any questions, and of course, checking agility park hours.
What are the requirements to bring my dog to a Sniffspot agility park?
We require that all dogs have basic vaccinations or equivalent titers. We do not allow dogs with a bite history. We require that guests sign our waiver and agree to follow our safety rules. Treat all park equipment with respect and care.
Will there be other dogs at the Sniffspot agility park at the same time as me?
Sniffspot only allows one booking at a time and any host dogs are required to be kept away from the spot during visits. We also enforce 30 min time buffers between bookings.
How much do Sniffspot agility parks cost?
Dog agility parks in the Angier area range from $10 and $10. The least expensive dog agility park is Mary's 100 acres In Zebulon. The most expensive dog agility park is Mary's 100 acres In Zebulon. Each host sets their own price, so you can check the price on the specific Sniffspot dog park listing.

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