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Sniffspot's private dog parks are the best way to exercise your dog. We have the best variety and the best priced dog parks anywhere!

Designed for private play.
Only the people and dogs in your booking are allowed in the spot during your visit.

Popular private dog parks near Accokeek, Maryland

FurBaby Freedom Park - 100% donation to rescue groups

Patio Heater now available for the winter months! And our playground chips will have a fresh covering for the 2024 season, being delivered and installed on 2nd Feb! All earnings will be donated to a couple of smaller rescue groups, including Pets With Disabilities -; Lizzy's Lodge Rescue - We have a very private fenced in yard, we would like to offer up to any other pups who might enjoy some freedom! Lots of availability for weekdays too. We have a natural wooded yard that borders a county park on one side, with a 6ft wooden fence all the way around the property, and a side entry gate. The ground cover is the soft playground wood chips, specifically designed to be comfortable for all kinds of furbabies! Endless amounts of smells and sniffing opportunities from all the local wildlife that frequent our yard. Good space for long runs, frisbee, tennis ball, soccer ball action for the energetic pups, and plenty of space for meandering, or just lounging around in the sun spots for the more mature pups. The yard has sunny areas and plenty of natural shade from the trees. You can also enjoy a deck with a patio table, cushioned chairs and lawn chair seating, poop bags, extra dog water bowls, outdoor spigot with hose for water bowl refills, or hose play and elevated feeders for the pups who cannot bend down very well to drink. The public park next to us has several wooded trails, so if your pup has any energy left, it is a nice park to walk. Quiet spread out and very dog friendly neighborhood. Easy parking on the street outside the house, side entry gate but please make sure you click the gate shut when you leave though!

Fully Fenced
0.5 acres
$10 dog / hour
Springfield, VA
๐—ง๐—›๐—˜ ๐—ฆ๐—˜๐—–๐—ฅ๐—˜๐—ง ๐—ข๐—”๐—ฆ๐—œ๐—ฆ โค๏ธ Come run and play! โค๏ธ

Check out our Facebook page: ๐™๐™ฉ๐™ฉ๐™ฅ๐™จ://๐™ฌ๐™ฌ๐™ฌ.๐™›๐™–๐™˜๐™š๐™—๐™ค๐™ค๐™ .๐™˜๐™ค๐™ข/๐™Ž๐™ฃ๐™ž๐™›๐™›๐™จ๐™ฅ๐™ค๐™ฉ๐™๐™๐™š๐™Ž๐™š๐™˜๐™ง๐™š๐™ฉ๐™Š๐™–๐™จ๐™ž๐™จ ๐Ÿ…ฐ๐Ÿ…ฝ๐Ÿ…ฝ๐Ÿ…พ๐Ÿ†„๐Ÿ…ฝ๐Ÿ…ฒ๐Ÿ…ด๐Ÿ…ผ๐Ÿ…ด๐Ÿ…ฝ๐Ÿ†ƒ: We will be moving to primarily Memberships later this year and due to recent app changes, available member only times will simply show as blocked to non-members. Most weekdays should have non-member availability and last minute weekends occasionally. If you have been here before and are interested in being placed on the wait list, please let me know. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. Please let me know if your pup is dog/people reactive prior to your visit so I can coordinate with my neighbor.โค๏ธ ๐——๐—˜๐—ฆ๐—–๐—ฅ๐—œ๐—ฃ๐—ง๐—œ๐—ข๐—ก - The property is just over an ๐™–๐™˜๐™ง๐™š and a mix of lawn, flower beds, paths, and work/storage areas. Overall, it is fairly flat and dogs love to ๐™ง๐™ช๐™ฃ ๐™–๐™ฃ๐™™ ๐™ฅ๐™ก๐™–๐™ฎ for hours at a time not to mention all the great sniffing spots. There are open areas for dogs to stretch their legs and chase each other and flowers, shade and seating for their human companion(s). There is a ๐™ข๐™–๐™ฃ-๐™ข๐™–๐™™๐™š ๐™จ๐™ฉ๐™ง๐™š๐™–๐™ข (more detail below) in the back that depending on rainfall, may be running full or just at a trickle. It is ideal for your pup to explore and cool off in. The yard offers plenty of great ๐™ฅ๐™๐™ค๐™ฉ๐™ค ๐™จ๐™ฅ๐™ค๐™ฉ opportunities to take tons of pictures throughout the various seasons. The yard is a ๐˜พ๐™š๐™ง๐™ฉ๐™ž๐™›๐™ž๐™š๐™™ ๐™’๐™ž๐™ก๐™™๐™ก๐™ž๐™›๐™š ๐™ƒ๐™–๐™—๐™ž๐™ฉ๐™–๐™ฉยฎ, we are trying to help nature where and when we can. The flower beds have been designed for local critters - birds, turtles, pollinators, etc so absolutely no killing of any bees, butterflies, spiders, turtles, snakes, birds or other wildlife you may find. It also means you will likely encounter gnats, mosquitos and possibly ticks - all great bird food but not so nice for us humans and our pups. So please be sure your pup is current on their preventatives. We do provide bug spray for you to use - just be sure to use in the lawn and not near any of the flower beds. In the summer months grass may get a little taller to help out the fireflies. If you can, take a cool pic to share - we'd love to see it. Do a photo safari. ๐—ช๐—˜๐—˜๐—ž๐—˜๐—ก๐——๐—ฆ & ๐—›๐—ข๐—Ÿ๐—œ๐——๐—”๐—ฌ๐—ฆ - Typically set for 1 hour appointments and reserved for Members. If appointments remain available, I will open some time to non-members the Thu/Fri before. If you are interested in an appointment longer than 1 hour, please reach out and we'll see if we can accommodate. ๐— ๐—˜๐— ๐—•๐—˜๐—ฅ๐—ฆ๐—›๐—œ๐—ฃ - If interested, send us a message - we'd love to talk with you more about it. Please note, you must have visited The Secret Oasis at least once prior to becoming a member. A membership could save you $2, $8, $24, $48 or more per month depending on the Membership package created. Plus, you can book up to 14 days ahead vs just 7 days for non-members and you get first choice on weekends and holidays. Memberships can be a bit confusing so please reach out if you have any questions - we'll do our best to answer them and help find the right package for you. ๐—ฆ๐—ก๐—œ๐—™๐—™๐—ฃ๐—”๐—ฆ๐—ฆ - We don't offer expanded discounts but you will get the basic 10% discount if you are participating in the program. It can be used in conjunction with a Membership. Happy to answer any questions. ๐—ฆ๐—ง๐—ฅ๐—˜๐—”๐—  - CLOSED FOR THE SEASON. - This is a man-made stream that that typically runs in the warmer months and is initially filled with either city water or rainfall. That said, Mother Nature adds to it so we do recommend your pup have his/her ๐™‡๐™š๐™ฅ๐™ฉ๐™ค vaccine. The stream is usually shutdown in the winter months and some water remains at the end to help support the frogs overwinter. Please do not allow digging or rough play in the stream - we want to keep it in good shape for all our guests to enjoy and avoid costly repairs. If it is important to your visit that the stream is running and at what level (full/trickle) please reach out to the Host to check its status. ๐——๐—ข๐—š ๐—Ÿ๐—œ๐— ๐—œ๐—ง - Our site is set for a 4 dog limit. If you would like to bring additional dogs, please send a message. The request will be considered on a case by case basis. If you want a key date/time, I recommend securing it with a reservation for one dog and then updating the reservation once we have talked. Note, there are some spots at the bottom of the fence a small dog (cat size) might be able to get under - they are meant for our cats. If you are bringing a small dog, let me know and we can block the openings ahead of time. ๐—ฉ๐—˜๐—›๐—œ๐—–๐—Ÿ๐—˜ ๐—Ÿ๐—œ๐— ๐—œ๐—ง- Maximum of 2 vehicles per reservation. If a 3rd vehicle will be brought, please select and add "Extra F - Extra Vehicle" to your reservation and send us a note so we can make sure there is sufficient space. ๐—–๐—›๐—œ๐—Ÿ๐——๐—ฅ๐—˜๐—ก - Children under 18 are to be supervised at all times. Parents are responsible for any and all damages their child does. ๐—˜๐—ซ๐—ง๐—ฅ๐—”๐—ฆ - Extras will change depending on the season. If you don't see something you might like, let us know and we'll be happy to consider it. There are two generic party options but if you would like to customize one, please reach out and we'll put a package together for you. I hope we answered a lot of your questions, if not feel free to send us a message. It may take 24 hours to respond but usually much faster. Please come and enjoy our private little spot and take lots of pictures! We love seeing happy pups. โค๏ธI

Fully Fenced
1 acre
$18 dog / hour
Lorton, VA

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Why rent a private dog park in Accokeek, Maryland?
FeaturesSniffspotPublic park
Designed for private play
Rentable by the hour
Off leash options
Very large and/or fully fenced options
Pricing$5 - $15 per dog per hourFree

What people say about dog parks around Accokeek, Maryland

Britney N.
April 2020
My dog and I have been here twice now and it is such a lovely, peaceful yard. There is plenty of room to throw the ball and a big comfortable patio table to relax in while youโ€™re there. Would definitely recommend!
Samantha W.
April 2020
The yard was great, there was ample seating and the fencing is secure! When I went, there seemed to be nobody home, but my reservation request was accepted very quickly. Easy to navigate, ample street parking. My pup and I had a great time :)
Amber D.
August 2020
This was a return visit, and once again, we had a great time! The yard is large and well fenced!
Carter H.
August 2020
Great backyard, lots of space, private and quiet! We took our dog who is reactive and he did great! Beautiful landscaping. It was for my dog, but I enjoyed it as well. Will definitely be returning in the future!!!
Samantha N.
June 2020
Easy entry. Very private. Lots of space for my two high-energy standard poodles to run around. Nice seating area on a deck to relax while dogs run.ย 
Bentley T.
June 2020
Great yard and lots of space for the pups to run around. Everyone enjoyed the play date and there was seating for the dog parents as well. Would go back with another puppy crew.
Jodie H.
June 2020
This is a great backyard!! My dog had a blast playing fetch and hanging out on the grass. I hope we're able to come back soon!ย 
Brenna T.
June 2020
Great spot! Backyard is huge with plenty of room and grass to zoom, and plenty of shade as well. Very quiet and residential, my dog and her best friend had a blast! Easy parking too.
Shaylin D.
May 2020
This is such a beautiful spacious yard with a great amount of shade! We could play fetch with our frisbee with no worries of losing it. There is a little bit of a space under the porch that smaller dogs could fit through, so I would be careful of that if you have a smaller dog. They also have a beautiful pond so I would also be cautious of that if you have a curious and/or water loving dog. Other than that, weโ€™re extremely pleased with this yard! My pup got all of his zoomies out and we had so much fun! Weโ€™ll definitely be back!
Daniel S.
May 2020
A wonderful open space with plenty high and secure walls inc ase you have a jumper like I do. Plenty of room for your little buddy to play fetch, chase, and just lay and rest. Great communication with the host, and plenty of on street parking.
Jordy R.
October 2023
This will definitely be my new regular Sniffspot! Very easy to get to, and itโ€™s very clean and spacious. The spot has a good balance of sun and shade, and didnโ€™t have any hazards to worry about. I loved it and will definitely be back!
Mandisa W.
October 2023
It is the perfect spot to take my little Yorkie. He loved it and had the best time. He has enough room to run around, and he canโ€™t wait to return. It is such a great place for him to relieve his stress. The yard was clean, and the landscape was beautiful. The hosts were so lovely and gracious, and all instructions were clear. All my questions and concerns were answered. Thank you so much!
Alyssa S.
October 2023
Beautiful yard and toys and water available for the pups along with chairs for us :-) The hosts also put out mosquito torches out for us! Very kind of the, highly recommend this place!
Kelly Anne M.
February 2023
Great yard, a decent amount of poop in the yard. That doesnโ€™t bother me but in case others are concerned.
How do Accokeek's private dog parks work?

Private rentals by the hour

Our hosts are locals that are renting their yards and private land to dog owners

Trust and safety first

Spots are designed for safety and both hosts and guests are reviewed after each visit

Designed for private play

Only the people and dogs in your booking are allowed in the spot during your visit

Reactive dogs welcome

Many of the spots we list are designed with sensitive dogs in mind

Become a Sniffpass holder!

Get discounts on all bookings at all spots by buying monthly credits!
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FAQ about our Accokeek dog parks

Are dog parks good for dogs?
It is important for dogs to have off leash exercise to sniff and run. But the free and open nature of public dog parks has drawbacks. There could be aggressive dogs, disease transmission and cleanliness issues. For this reason, many dog behaviorists discourage visiting public dog parks and recommend Sniffspot's private dog parks. Sniffspot private dog parks only allow one guest to book at a time and are not open to the public, which solves many of these issues.
Are dog parks safe?
While public dog parks have a number of safety issues, such as aggressive dogs, disease transmission and general cleanliness, Sniffspot dog parks much safer than public dog parks. With Sniffspot all bookings are private for just you and dogs you bring with you and we require all dogs to be vaccinated (or have equivalent titers). All Sniffspot locations are vetted and reviewed by guests so you can find the perfect place for you and your dog. 96% of reviews on Sniffspot visits in the Accokeek area are 5 stars.
How do I know if a dog park works for my dog?
You can filter Sniffspot dog parks by fencing and distractions. If your dog doesn't have good recall, you can visit one of our 259 fully fenced dog parks in the area. If your dog is reactive to other dogs, you can visit one of our 46 off leash areas where there are no dogs audible or visible nearby. You can also filter locations to avoid other domestic animals and people. We also recommend reading reviews and reaching out to the host with any questions.
Does Accokeek have any fully fenced dog parks?
Sniffspot has 259 fully fenced dog parks in or near Accokeek. Browse all fully enclosed options.
Where are good dog hiking trails near Accokeek?
The Accokeek area has 6 Sniffspot locations with private trails for you and your dog to walk or hike. Dogs can generally be off leash on Sniffspot trails. The most popular trail is The 80 acre wood.
Are there dog agility courses for rent in Accokeek?
Sniffspot has dog parks with agility equipment and/or dog obstacles in or near Accokeek. The most popular agility option is Large enclosed backyard in Falls Church.
Where in Accokeek can I find a pool for dog swimming?
Can I rent a field for my dog to run near Accokeek?
There are 50 Sniffspot dog parks that offer fields in or near Accokeek where dogs can be off leash. The most popular field is Anthony's 1 Acre Fully Fenced Private Dog Park In Accokeek.

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