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Haley is a self-proclaimed dog nerd and full-time freelance writer. She's passionate about connecting with fellow pet lovers by creating training and lifestyle content — learning from professional trainers, animal cognition researchers, and other experts along the way. Haley travels the country full time with her rescue dog, a shy blue heeler, and loves training to conquer new situation as a team. Dog-friendly national parks, hiking trails, and Sniffspots have become favorite places across the country! When she isn't writing or playing an intense game of tug with her cattle dog, you can find her reading books (her favorite author is ethologist Frans de Waal), listening to dog training podcasts, and having conversations about (you guessed it) the many ways animals impact our lives.
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Sniffspot is a community marketplace that enables anyone to rent land by-the-hour as a safe and private dog park.

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