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Voting for 2023 best dog trainers is now closed. We will be processing the votes and publishing results once completed.

The Sniffspot Best Dog Trainers Contest is an annual event where positive reinforcement dog trainers can be featured as the top dog trainers in their city, state and in the United States.

About Sniffspot

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About the Sniffspot Annual Dog Trainers Contest

Nominations for the annual contest are generally opened in the first part of the year. To make sure you are notified of nominations opening, we recommend creating a Sniffspot account to join our email list and follow us on Instagram and TikTok. Anyone can nominate a dog trainer. Once the nominations part of the event close, then the contest begins. Anyone can vote for their favorite dog trainer.

At the end of the contest, we generate our lists of top dog trainers by city and state based on the number of votes. These lists are shared with our email list of over 200,000 subscribers, as well as prominently featured on our website with millions of pageviews. We also send winning dog trainers swag that they can feature for their business. These lists are final until the next year and next contest comes around.

As part of being featured on our top lists, dog trainers can create a profile that shares information and their skills, such as cities / states served, certifications, profile photo, services provided, behavioral focus and a bio. Trainers can mark their skills and whether they offer any of these services: Aggressive dog training, Board and train, In home training, Protection/guard dog training, Deaf dog training, Reactive dog training, Service dog training, Herding training, Off leash training, Puppy training or Agility training. We also have an option for trainers to share more about their services and skills, including include obedience training, training classes / sessions, day training, basic commands / cues / exercises, daycare, agility training exercises, potty training, distraction training, day training, etc. if relevant. And you can provide some fun information, such as your favorite dog training exercises. If you focus on any specific breeds, you can provide your breed specialty as well.

A few notes on dog trainer nominations and voting:

  • These lists are for positive reinforcement trainers, so please only nominate trainers that use positive reinforcement exercises only. We define positive reinforcement as no force, fear, intimidation, or aversive methods (including e collars and prong collars) used.
  • Whether a trainer is eligible to be included on our list is solely determined at Sniffspot's discretion
  • If you have multiple trainers you love, you can nominate multiple trainers.
  • This contest is only open to dog trainers in the United States
  • We only allow one vote per trainer and enforce this through data analytics

And make sure to check out current list of the top dog trainers in the United States.