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Popular private dog parks near Maple Valley, Washington

Dog Nirvana in Maple Valley - 10 plus acres fully fenced!

***Dog Nirvana is taking a break to recuperate after a really busy summer. We don't want our beautiful property to become overrun which will happen if it isn't allowed to take some time for rest and fall maintenance. It is open this weekend as we have not done the reseeding yet. Otherwise moving forward right now we are only open to members. We are at our maximum for members right now so are not able to take on new members at this time. We apologize for the lack of availability and if you would like to visit we hope you will check back in a month or so. If you are not a member please don't message for an exception. We are currently limiting visits to existing members only to keep the spot nice for the long term. *** Come enjoy yourself in the country! We have over 10 fully fenced acres that include two spring-fed private ponds for dogs that like the water, some slight hills for running and playing, lots of wide open space and a beautiful creek. There will be no dogs, people or animals outside on my property during your visit. Please just bring your own toys and pick up after your dogs. I look forward to welcoming you! * The entire 10+ acre perimeter of the property is steel mesh fencing with poles and/or steel mesh fencing in horse fencing to keep the entire perimeter secure and safe. PLEASE NOTE there are TWO FENCING SYSTEMS here -- the internal pastures that are fenced in 3 rail white fencing and the perimeter fencing which consists of steel mesh to the ground and large log poles and/or 3 rail fencing with steel mesh down to the ground. The pasture fencing is located INSIDE of the separate property perimeter fencing. If a dog runs under the white interior pasture fencing they are still secured within the perimeter system. * The front gate and a service gate are metal with horizontal rails with 6.5 inches between each rail. A picture of the gate is included in listing photos. * This property is pretty secluded. Two sides of the property are surrounded by conservation land (woods), one by a quiet neighborhood road (with the only house set back and not visible while on my property) and the fourth (above the house and barn) by 60 acres in two parcels. The neighbors ' horses might be seen in the distance along the upper side of my property and you might hear their dogs barking from several acres away periodically. * Several pastures have covered horse sheds in them that can be used by visitors for shelter from rain or sun. * There is a dog dish for water, a container of water, poop bags and several garbage cans for doggie poop bags! * If you bring additional guests with pups PLEASE make sure they are aware of all information/rules shared in the listing and via message by the host. * Carey Creek runs along the entire south side of the lowest pasture. it is fully useable for guests. it is on my property but outside of our secure fences so if you go out the gates at the bottom of the property out to the the creek you should leash up if your dog has poor recall. * We have access across the road from the property to 1800 + acres with 30 miles of trails on Taylor Mountain (King County Park) so make it a day and come enjoy our little slice of heaven!

Fully Fenced
10 acres
$24 dog / hour
Maple Valley, WA
Walter & Bug's Private Dog Park In Kent / Covington

Hello and welcome to our Sniffspot! This is our first time being a Sniffspot host and we hope you enjoy your time here. It's a large, open one acre pasture with plenty of room to run and play. Tall fir trees, farmland and single family homes surround the property. Double gated entrance for security. Park along the fence on the gravel drive. Plenty of room for your pup to enjoy the zoomies! A few things below to note, thank you! * due to the burn ban, wildland fires and the dryness of our land, we ask for no smoking on the property at this time, thank you *please note: this pasture was used for a month (June 2023) by our goats & chickens and so the dirt in areas may be infused with the flavor of goat. While we have cleaned much of it, it can still be tasty to some dogs so wanted you to be aware * The terrain of the pasture does have some dips and there is a section of mown grass, as well as a portion of long pasture grass, and sticks from the fir trees. Wearing solid shoes will help you navigate the land. *There are three chickens on a neighboring fence line and the gate to their henhouse yard has a sign (don't let the chickens out, no matter what they say), as well as a secure gate latch plus bungee cord. They will stay on the far side of their yard, and hide under the shrub/tree cover so are usually not be visible from the Sniffspot pasture, but wanted to share in case this is bothersome to some pup guests. * September may be too late in the season, but if you are interested, please do give us advance notice (3+hours) if you would like the small plastic kiddie pool filled prior to your arrival. Thanks!

Fully Fenced
1 acre
$14 dog / hour
Kent, WA

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Why rent a private dog park in Maple Valley, Washington?
FeaturesSniffspotPublic park
Designed for private play
Rentable by the hour
Off leash options
Very large and/or fully fenced options
Pricing$5 - $15 per dog per hourFree
How do Maple Valley's private dog parks work?

Private rentals by the hour

Our hosts are locals that are renting their yards and private land to dog owners

Trust and safety first

Spots are designed for safety and both hosts and guests are reviewed after each visit

No other dogs during your visits

Only you and your dogs are allowed to enter a spot during the time you've booked it

Reactive dogs welcome

Many of the spots we list are designed with sensitive dogs in mind

Monthly memberships

Many of our dog parks have the option to access member-only benefits with a fixed monthly price

What people say about dog parks around Maple Valley, Washington

Nikki L.
August 2023
Had a wonderful time st the spot, host is super nice and attentive. Beautiful yard plenty of shade and even a comfortable place to sit relax. My dog's got to play with his dog theo which was awesome if your dogs get along with other dogs. Overall a great experience will be back
Jo H.
February 2021
enjoyed our stay! exactly as described! Great for some obedience training and play along the chicken/goat distractions. Good space for dogs to play fetch/play. My dogs very much enjoyed the big water puddles in the back!
Polly O.
January 2021
Our terrier mix couldn’t have been happier than she clearly was during our visit to this lovely Sniff Spot. Friendly hosts, big open spaces, no traffic in the area, and nearby farm animals - what’s not to love?  Yes - there are some swampy areas in the field, but relatively easy to avoid and plenty of dry space for running and playing. We’ll certainly plan to come back!
Amy H.
December 2020
Athena had SO MUCH FUN here!! She was so excited about the goats, who just stared at her in amusement from the other side of the gate haha. The grass yard was big, which was awesome for fetch! Lots of space for her to run!
Janne A.
November 2020
This is a wonderful sniffspot. My dogs had a great time running around and were tired by the time we left. Kari is a great host.
Soni V.
November 2020
Super fun spot The goats are adorable and Kari was very nice! The yard is huge and well mowed and our pup had a blast playing fetch there!
Marianna C.
October 2020
My first Sniffspot visit left me quite pleased! Kari and her family were very kind and friendly and the house was easy to find with her directions. My dog loved running through the puddles in the field and saying hi to the (very securely fenced) goats and chickens. Bring boots if it’s raining, it can get a little muddy!
Gwen Heisterkamp &.
October 2020
Great spot for your dog. Great yard and nice wooded area for a stroll. Unfortunately, not the best place for my pup with a couple barking dogs in the background and my pup not listening to me to not go into the private yard area. 
Brian C.
August 2020
Great place to bring dogs! There's a large field area if you want to throw a ball but our 2 dogs spent most of their time sniffing about in the wooded area at the back of the property. Host was friendly and helpful. We'll definitely be back.
Jessica W.
August 2020
Mandy's property is absolutely beautiful and well-cared for, my dog had a fantastic time exploring the woods, the field, and the fenceline.
Alex O.
April 2023
The spot was great! A little smaller than we were expecting but they had great amenities like balls, water, and treats.
Sadaf H.
March 2023
Cute spot. Beautifully landscaped and manicured. Very clean. Private with good fencing along three sides and thick row of vegetation on the other. Host has placed toys, water and waste bin for guests. Ample street parking available in quiet cul de sac. Site is flat, and accessible. Host communicative and welcoming. About an hour away from Seattle. The host has placed some fencing along some of the vegetation to deter smaller dogs from escaping. Small water fountain present. My dog felt safe and had a grand time.
Megan L.
November 2022
We had a lovely time with a very secure fenced in yard. Plenty of room for Honey to feel free. Next time I look forward to exploring the field. Many thanks!
Valeria A.
October 2022
I really liked the terrain for the dogs but not for me. ima brake an ankle. the dogs really loved the space to run around. very peaceful and almost secluded.
Kari G.
September 2022
What a fun space for my girl to explore. It’s great how the space has a place to sniff and explore as well as to play fetch.
Wayne M.
August 2022
Nice place Doobie loved his romp around the area. Letting him over grown area gave him some new things to explore. I will bring them both next time.
Mario A.
February 2023
Beautiful property with an abundance of sniff spots for your pal to get mentally tired, and lots of space for fetch and off leash training. Although the fence isn't 100% enclosed, your pal shouldn't get out if you stay dink focused on them making sure they're having a good time! Definitely a place to consistently visit!
John N.
January 2023
Large quiet area with lots to explore. Some ducks on the property quacked occasionally but were apparently safely fenced in where my dog could not get to them. Someone came out of the house and gave a friendly wave, and I later found an email saying they had filled a water bowl in case my dog was thirsty. Fence isn't escape-proof, so if your dog is high risk for taking off, this may not be the best place. But in other respects my dog and I liked it a LOT. A+
Kyla H.
December 2022
Nice place for fetch and sniffing. My dog found the perfect stick and we played fetch the whole time. The only thing is that I wish there were some signs showing where to enter and also to confirm I am at the right spot.
Aisling W.
December 2022
Nova and I had a lovely time! She really enjoyed having area to run and play as well as so much to sniff! Definitely only partially fenced but was still perfect for Nova since she wants to stay near me. The owner was very kind as well. Definitely will be back!

What other types of private dog parks are available?

Dog water parks
Many hosts have added water features like pools and/or are nearby lakes or rivers.
Fully fenced dog parks
Very popular choice, perfect to contain your dogs if they are escape artists or if they are not good at recall.
Dog hiking trails
Some of our best spots have hiking trails in wonderful natural settings.
Dog agility parks
Some hosts have implemented full agility courses to train your dogs in a private environment.
Dog fields
Many of the listed spots are large pastures, fields and have farm animals that can be sighted.
Dog beaches
Some spots are conveniently located by the sea or have sand and other beach features.
Indoor dog parks
A good alternative to do activities with your dogs on a rainy day and unpleasant weather in general.
Small dog parks
Dog parks that specifically work for the needs of dogs that are smaller in size.

FAQ about our Maple Valley dog parks

Are dog parks good for dogs?
It is important for dogs to have off leash exercise to sniff and run. But the free and open nature of public dog parks has drawbacks. There could be aggressive dogs, disease transmission and cleanliness issues. For this reason, many dog behaviorists discourage visiting public dog parks and recommend Sniffspot's private dog parks. Sniffspot private dog parks only allow one guest to book at a time and are not open to the public, which solves many of these issues.
Are dog parks safe?
While public dog parks have a number of safety issues, such as aggressive dogs, disease transmission and general cleanliness, Sniffspot dog parks much safer than public dog parks. With Sniffspot all bookings are private for just you and dogs you bring with you and we require all dogs to be vaccinated (or have equivalent titers). All Sniffspot locations are vetted and reviewed by guests so you can find the perfect place for you and your dog. 0% of reviews on Sniffspot visits in the Maple Valley area are 5 stars.
How do I know if a dog park works for my dog?
You can filter Sniffspot dog parks by fencing and distractions. If your dog doesn't have good recall, you can visit one of our 184 fully fenced dog parks in the area. If your dog is reactive to other dogs, you can visit one of our 38 off leash areas where there are no dogs audible or visible nearby. You can also filter locations to avoid other domestic animals and people. We also recommend reading reviews and reaching out to the host with any questions.
What is the best dog beach near Maple Valley?
The best Sniffspot dog beach near Maple Valley is Pig Beach (near Port Ludlow). At Sniffspot beaches dogs can generally be off leash.
Does Maple Valley have any fully fenced dog parks?
Sniffspot has 184 fully fenced dog parks in or near Maple Valley. Browse all fully enclosed options.
Where are good dog hiking trails near Maple Valley?
The Maple Valley area has 13 Sniffspot locations with private trails for you and your dog to walk or hike. Dogs can generally be off leash on Sniffspot trails. The most popular trail is Spring Acre's at Fiveash Farm.
Are there dog agility courses for rent in Maple Valley?
Sniffspot has dog parks with agility equipment and/or dog obstacles in or near Maple Valley. The most popular agility option is Stump Town.
Where in Maple Valley can I find a pool for dog swimming?
Sniffspot has swimming options in the Maple Valley area. The highest rated option is Dog Nirvana in Maple Valley - 10 plus acres fully fenced!.
Can I rent a field for my dog to run near Maple Valley?
There are 51 Sniffspot dog parks that offer fields in or near Maple Valley where dogs can be off leash. The most popular field is Walter & Bug's Private Dog Park In Kent / Covington.

Rent safe and private dog parks